Film about Ukraine through the eyes of a Japanese man recently appeared in the network (video)

Фильм об Украине глазами японца вышел недавно в сети (видео)

Free, YouTube has a short film, “Thank you.” Film about the adventures of Japanese Ukraine was removed by order of the Ministry of information policy.

The film “shows the Ukraine through the eyes of a Japanese tourist as an interesting, friendly, unique country with fascinating landscapes and a rich history,” reads the video description.

Japanese Professor Hiroshi It travels through Ukraine. In Lviv, he was late for the train and decides to get to Kiev. During his travels first gets to the village deakovo in Transcarpathia, and then in Odessa. Has thousand hryvnias in my wallet. Ukrainian knows only the words “thank you” in the story.

“The idea of the film came in 2017 when we held the Year of Japan in Ukraine, – says Advisor to the Minister of information policy on international communications Marina Sobotyuk. The goal was to promote our country in the world. The main idea is that Ukraine is interesting. The tape is fully funded by the state. It was worth 1.5 million UAH.

Now young people can hold viewings of paintings in a pleasant atmosphere for their friends-foreigners. And officials, government agencies and public organizations who represent Ukraine abroad, can this tape to open the event.”

Starring Japanese Kasai of Takahisa and Ukrainian Ekaterina Molchanova. The painting was removed Kiev film Best Friends Film Production. Director – Zen Evstigneyev.

The short film is available in three languages – Ukrainian, English and Japanese.