Final Fantasy Tactics turned into a tournament with automatic bids for Twitch

Final Fantasy Tactics превратили в автоматический турнир со ставками для Twitch

Users of Twitch has long been run as text commands, like chat chasing in Dark Souls, Pok?mon and The Outer Worlds. One Timothy Sharpe (Timothy Sharpe) went further: he suggested audience to watch the battles in Final Fantasy Tactics, betting and pumped.

Venture called FFT Battleground. The essence of the game in a small tournament of eight teams. Each team of four characters. In one match fighting two teams. All units controlled by AI.

Interest chat Twitch to betting on the team. The currency is fictional and symbolic – directly “Donati” on it. Every viewer gets 1 000 G, and the total balance may not fall below 100 G (or 200 G if you apply for a paid subscription to a channel).

Money can allow you to add your fighter to the game or purchase the skill for it. Usually the characters are randomly generated, but tossing a certain amount of G, you can specify a class, gender, and skill of a hero. Apparently, the lucky winners from the chat, which will allow you to create your character for the match are selected randomly from the list of those who sent a special message.

In addition, in FFT there is a Battleground progression: experience points awarded for successful bets and win the battles of your unit. The higher the level, the more money you can raise, and for each fifth level gives a random skill that can be fasten on his character.

The basis of the FFT Battleground was a “vanilla” version of Final Fantasy Tactics with a special modification – new abilities and balance changes. The game has a fan turnira version of FFT Arena PvP, but the author FFT Battleground decided not to use it, saying that in AI battles with random characters do not need meticulous equality of forces, broken combinations will only make the spectacle more exciting.

According to the Creator, now FFT Battlegrounds is in beta version is already planned various improvements.