Finally it became known – launch of bitcoin futures from Bakkt Exchange will take place in July

Наконец стало известно - запуск биткоин фьючерсов от Bakkt Exchange состоится в июле

After a series of delays, the exchange Bakkt is continuing its plans to launch bitcoin futures with physical delivery?? July.

Exchange Bakkt plans to launch the first physically delivered bitcoin futures in July, finally setting a clear date of launch after a series of delays. The long awaited product launch of the exchange Bakkt is considered as one of the ways to attract trade BTC in the world of major Finance.

The announcement came after a strategic partnership to provide Bakkt reliable storage solutions BTC. Although interest in Bakkt was somewhat weak during the lows of the recent bear market, the recovery in prices has revived the hope that the BTC trade will find mainstream acceptance and attract institutional traders and investors.

Together with our partners in the exchange and clearing at ICE, we work with our clients over the next few weeks to prepare for the test for admission of users (UAT) for futures and storage, which we expect to start in July

– announced compnd Bakkt.

Bakkt expects to launch two types of contracts daily futures contracts, as well as monthly futures, such as those proposed by CME. But the difference is that unlike futures cash, Bakkt will offer physical delivery.

Bakkt will contribute $ 35 million to overcome the risk of clearing. This will give us benefits in the game and will align our interests in market integrity and market participants,

– explained team of the exchange.

Announcement from Bakkt occurred during the Renaissance when the price for BTC led to record-high volumes for futures and CME at a time when the price of BTC has crossed the threshold of $8,000.

This development follows the opening of trade bitcoins for a limited number of clients of TD Ameritrade and is seen as another sign of mainstream adoption.

TD Ameritrade quietly opens the trade bitcoin for some of its customers, I just said that eTrade is preparing to begin offering bitcoin Lyrium its 5 million or so customers and just completing a third party to hold coins

– posted by Nathaniel Popper.

In Ameritrade options was first spotted by the handful of social media users, later confirming the intention of the trading platform for the expansion of the digital assets.

According to experts, offer Ameritrade provides protection against the risk of major financial assets:

This obstacle against irresponsibility on the part of governments and Central banks… the world is waking up to the cost of a hedge against quantitative easing.

Ameritrade Network

Social media users also pointed to wider acceptance, despite the fact that just a few months ago were predicting, the main coin will be back to lows in the amount of $1000.

Last time when bitcoin crossed $6000… – Square did not sell bitcoin. Fidelity is not preserved bitcoin. TD Ameritrade traded bitcoin. Lightning Network did not hold 1000 bitcoins.

Start Bakkt shows that storage services are crucial for decision-making, since the technology of the wallet remains difficult, and security is still under development and requires experience and attention.