Find out what it’s like to be an elephant, is the announcement of Shelter 3

Узнайте, каково быть слоном, - анонс Shelter 3

Shelter – a rather unusual series of indie games, where the player needs to survive in a hostile world as one of the wild animals. If you are the entertainment for the soul, that Studio Might and Delight in a hurry to please you: Shelter 3 – to be!

This time the main character will be the mother elephant. You have to travel through the jungle with his herd and to engage in normal elephant things: to walk beside the elderly family members to swim with the youngsters and enjoy the childish very young elephant calves.

However, the life of massive holders trunk does not sugar – should be aware of the predators and seek food, which also needs to share with his brothers. To survive, you need to constantly be on the move and stick together.

The developers call the key themes of Shelter 3 motherhood, social harmony and heritage. They felt that more large-scale animal society will be a great next step for the series. To better study the behavior of elephants, the authors visited the zoo.

Shelter 3 will be released sometime in 2020. For more news about the game you can follow its page on Steam.