Find your sign: compiled a detailed horoscope from 5 to 11 August

Найдите свой знак: составлен подробный гороскоп с 5 по 11 августа

This is a great time for quiet and measured cases. This week is very stable and predictable, but many of the Signs of the Zodiac expects a hectic Sunday, which is the best way to rest.

To attract what you want in your life will help you a caution and three psychological techniques.


Everyone has dark and light sides of the character. This week the Rams decide which of your parties to show people. Stars and planets will be creative and calm – only on Friday is expected a slight dissonance, but it will not affect luck. In General, this period for Aries can be described as favourable.

Focus on love Affairs, and the financial or business fields. The main thing – do not chase two hares at the same time, otherwise you can seriously miscalculate and did not catch a single one. Astrologers recommend to do simple chores and responsibilities, although new beginnings can also be quite useful.


Taurus should show maximum activity in the sphere of love. Lonely representatives of this Sign will become more attractive to the opposite sex. Largely useful magic stones, but without the necessary confidence to achieve the best result will be difficult.

Some problems can overtake the Bulls on Sunday, when the planet will become destructive in terms of energy. This is a good time to spend in solitude, to do things without haste, carefully, and prudently. The morning may have problems with mood, so on the last day of the week it is advisable not to engage in conflict.


The twins, like many other Signs, Sunday it is advisable to be careful. It will be a special day, when the behavior of stars and planets change slightly. 11 Aug should beware of selfish desires and not to offend people. The rest of the week will be very measured and predictable. At work you can take on the most complex cases at home you can do a General cleaning.

If life came a black stripe, then this week everything must be done to change the situation for the better. In some cases astrologers recommend to seek the assistance of friends and colleagues, but most of the problems should be solved independently. Make the right choice will help intuition.

Each Zodiac Sign has its own secrets of happiness. Cancers better to take them down, because this is a perfect time to review the priorities for new cases. This is a very important week, which can be the beginning of a very auspicious period. On Sunday Jupiter will no longer be retrograde, which opens Cancers new doors to happiness and will help to close the old one.

Overall, these seven days can be very productive and dynamic for Cancers. You can do shopping, update the wardrobe, a change of image. A change of scenery and the fellowship will benefit, so you can take a trip, invite friends or relatives home, arrange a small feast.

Lions should focus on Finance, shopping and work. To attract money and luck, you can force thoughts, but one of confidence and hope is not enough: you’ll have to work hard not to leave any work to a later time. Astrologers also suggest the Lions to pay attention to the little things and to avoid negligence, impulsivity.

In the Affairs of impulsivity will also be a threat. It can lead to arguments and loss of trust. Experts of the website sure, what a great success the Lions will bring understanding, romance, kindness and compassion towards loved ones.


Virgins the period, which is ideal for getting rid of bad habits and qualities that hinder success. It’s time to reevaluate your life, change your attitude. On weekdays and Saturday to focus on work, household chores, help others. Sunday stars and planets to enter into a confrontation that will affect the mood Maidens. They can become more irritable and selfish.

In the beginning of the week there can be new ideas in business and at work, so the first couple of days it is better to engage in creative activity, creativity. Next to the Sabbath will be the ideal period for quiet work, measured cases, physical activity and recreation. To remain on a positive wave Virgos will help love for life and fellowship with optimists.


Astrologists suggest Libras to get rid of the accumulated negativity. For this you can both relax, take a vacation, increase physical activity, more to be outdoors. Not be amiss and the magic of the crossroads, which will help to bring to life more well-being. Also the Scales should focus on new knowledge. It will be the perfect choice for all representatives of this Sign who want to become successful in the job or to determine further goals.

Knowledge is power, but not always. It is necessary to trust only the facts, but on gossips and rumors to pay attention not need. This week the lies and hypocrisy of others will be very dangerous. Libra is better not to take example from such people, and to be very honest, no matter what it takes.


Scorpions, a period of purification from all the excess. There are five things, which you should get rid of in the first place to be happier. You can help loved ones: they will be grateful if the Scorpions will take the initiative and care.

At work and in business it is better not to reveal its cards ahead of time. This week will be very calm and measured, so that the focus Scorpios should make the solution of urgent problems. Little tweaks don’t hurt, but it is better not to overdo with it, because others may make up one’s mind yourself too much. A breath of fresh air will be a change of scenery, new acquaintances and pleasant communication.


The Riflemen will be able to get rid of fear and anxiety in the long term. This week is truly magical, especially Sunday. Stars and planets will be very creative and extremely active in this day that will have a positive impact on the thoughts and archers on their luck. On Sunday you can enjoy planning for the future and introspection.

In General, the week will be calm. Astrologers recommend representatives of this Sign to create a house with positive energy. This can be done with the cleaning and getting rid of clutter. You can also purchase new accessories, furniture. You can spend the money to start repairs, to do a permutation of furniture.


This week, astrologers advise Capricorns to trust more people, to communicate with pleasant personalities who are not afraid to meet. You can dream a little, which is also useful impact on the luck, because creative thinking helps to attract what you want. The main thing – not to focus on the past and not get stuck in nostalgia.

At work, you can start new projects. Also, the week is favorable for searches for a new job, new Hobbies and sources of income. Traditionally, Capricorns try to avoid change, but it’s not. They just need a bit of motivation this week they can get a large volume.


Aquarius should show restraint, kindness and attention to family, friends and colleagues. It should be wary of people with bad energy, enemies and ill-wishers. The greatest inspiration will be Sunday, because the stars and planets will take a very advantageous position, will become active and creative. On this day, the astrologers suggest to communicate more with people, less to dwell in solitude.

This week Aquarians can get rid of anxiety, depression, fears and complexes. The universe will bring positive changes in the lives of representatives of this Sign, so many problems will be solved by themselves.


Fish astrologers recommend to avoid contact with energy vampires and unpleasant people in General. It is better to choose privacy, rather than stay with those who cause negative emotions. These seven days are not suitable to clarify the relationship with the partner or relatives. On the contrary, astrologers suggest to be more responsive. Anyone who is in search of love is to plunge into the world of romance. You can appoint meetings, to flirt, to confess the feelings.

Sunday can happen unpredictable events. Astrologers recommend to be careful just in case to plan: it will help to quickly solve the problem if it arises.