Fines for “EuroBLECH” unable to move again: what is the impact

Штрафы за «евробляхи» могут опять перенести: на что это повлияет

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky asked the Parliament to postpone the application of penalties for violation of the procedure for import of vehicles into the customs territory of Ukraine. As explained in the Office of the President, the bill provides for a delay of 90 days.

The legislation includes penalties for drivers uncleared “EuroBLECH” on 24 August. Is already suspended, was originally supposed to be the drivers of cars in avtonomera will nakazyvat may 24. The website “Today” has learned from the experts whether, in their opinion, to again postpone the fines.

Income from fines “for EuroBLECH” was taken into account in the planning of state budget revenues-2019. However, according to financial analyst Alexei Kusch, the risk of failure of the main estimates from the new delay is still not there.

“Delay fines actually quite positive, because Ukraine has not yet established an effective model for clearance of cars – the taxes are high, people even take loans in order to clear these cars. So I think that in the autumn a new Parliament will come back to this topic. [Consider the bill], as soon leave the political lobbying from the so-called “wheel assemblies”. Indeed, in Ukraine, creating artificial conditions for admission to the market of cheap foreign cars, including used for sale in half to two times more expensive than Chinese vehicles with bolted wheels,” he said.

In General, as the expert believes, should be to change tax policy with respect to “eurobserv”.

“There should be uniform tax of 10% of the customs value no other charges in the form of VAT, excise duties,” – said Kusch.

And economist Alexander Okhrimenko believes the deferral of punitive measures is wrong from the point of view of economy measure.

“These benefits for “eurobserv” – in effect stealing money Ukrainian pensioners. If you count how many “euroshare” didn’t pay taxes, they are actually in Ukrainian pensioners stole almost 20 billion UAH, which could be aimed at increasing. If this will take approximately 5 – 7 billion scarman pensioners will be taken”, – said Okhrimenko.

As already noted economists, even from the first iteration, the imposition of fines, the state budget loses billions of hryvnia, as, according to GFS, customs not cleared about 430 thousand “EuroBLECH”.

We will remind, in November of 2018, the Verkhovna Rada reduced the excise duty on import of cars, and “EuroBLECH” gave a 50% discount for three months. During the grace period, the Ukrainians have managed to clear 218 thousand cars.