Fines for motorcyclists: what can be punished drivers

Штрафы для мотоциклистов: за что могут наказать водителей

Two-wheeled vehicles are full-fledged road users, because their drivers can be punished for violation of traffic rules, reports

So, the rider will pay a proven penalty for speeding in the amount of 255 to 510 UAH, and if the driver was driving the vehicle while intoxicated, he faces a new penalty on MIA – 17 – 51 thousand UAH.

The fine for riding without a helmet in Ukraine is UAH 51, in accordance with article 121, CH 5 of the Code of Ukraine on administrative offences. The second incident in a year will cost the driver already in 255 UAH.

In addition, the driver of two-wheeled vehicles need to remember that statistically in a collision with any car damaged (and killed) matological.

And we wrote extensively about what you need to know about the locations of cameras and the fines for traffic violations.

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