Fines for motorcyclists: what has changed?

Штрафы для мотоциклистов: что изменилось?

Summer on the roads is always a lot of motorcyclists, one often encounters a less powerful two-wheeled “horses”. What are the differences in two-wheeled vehicles with a motor and are there any fines for their drivers?

The scooter is called the vehicle which is used to move short distances with a speed not exceeding 50 km/h. the scooter has no transmission, gas pedal. All functions (speedup, brake) are on the wheel, in the form of additional leverage.

A moped is a younger brother of the motorcycle. It reduced the engine and the wheels.

To drive a scooter (the scooter) and moped requires a license category A1, which can be received in 16 years.

The bike is already considered “more serious” transport, able to develop a decent speed. Category the right to drive a motorcycle is marked with the letter A and is issued at the age of 16.

For driving without a license on a moped, as any vehicle in Ukraine is a penalty of 425 UAH, according to article 126, P1, Art.

If the driver got behind the wheel, and the rights of categories of vehicles, the amount of the fine will be equal to 510 UAH, according to article 126, CH2, Art.

Since all three vehicles do not have extra protection for the driver in the form of the body, requires the mandatory use of equipment. So, it is forbidden to drive the vehicle categories A1 and A, without the use of a protective helmet.

The fine for riding without a helmet on a scooter in Ukraine 2020 is 51 UAH, in accordance with article 121, CH 5 of the Code of Ukraine on administrative offences. Again for the year fined the driver will pay 255 UAH and runs the risk that the transport had confiscated from paid refund after the onset of responsibility for the violation.

A similar penalty shall be paid by the driver of a moped or motorcycle. It should be remembered that the use of helmet is mandatory for passengers behind the driver.

The fine for no helmet passenger moped/scooter/motorcycle equal to 51 UAH, the second recorded violation within a year will increase the penalty to 255 UAH.

Is it possible to appeal against fines for driving without a helmet

Often when making decision about the offense patrol use photos or video for evidence. After receiving the order, the offender wants to appeal the fine, he can prove the inaccuracy of the Protocol. Hopes to avoid punishment can not be.

And is it worth? Because many of motobility know how dangerous driving a two-Wheeler even in defense. What can we say about the risk to travel without a helmet.

Fines for motorcyclists 2020

The driver of the motorcycle is a full participant in traffic with all the attendant benefits (and sorrows). So, the rider will pay a proven penalty for speeding in the amount of 255 to 510 UAH, and if the driver was driving the vehicle while intoxicated, he faces a new penalty on MIA – 17 – 51 thousand UAH.

The driver of two-wheeled vehicles need to remember that statistically in a collision with any car damaged (and killed) matological.