Finishing in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep will give combat bonuses and sold for real money

Добивания в Destiny 2: Shadowkeep будут давать боевые бонусы и продаваться за реальные деньги

Among other innovations future additions Shadowkeep for Destiny 2 wormed a spectacular finishing. To shed light on new mechanics decided the General Manager of the game mark Nosworthy (Mark Noseworthy) and the head of the franchise Luke Smith (Luke Smith) in an interview with Polygon.

Work finishing as well as in the other games: to brutally kill the enemy, you must reduce his health to a certain threshold, then indicator will appear indicating that the poor now can be nice to kill him. To carry out such a murder requires superenergy.

However, the “finishers” are not only cosmetic in nature. They can still be improved by adding a separate slot for armor special modifications, giving bonuses like extra ammunition for the whole team for carrying out finishing moves.

At the start of the Shadowkeep will be available to only one rebound, but in the future Bungie plans to increase their number and at the same time to add a system that selects deadly strikes at random, so that players once again did not miss.

According to the developers, the goal should be something of a battle of the emotions as the emotions of ordinary, you can buy in the store, “Evervess” or open for the passage of a particularly difficult in-game challenges.

The animation of the finishing moves is not associated with an installed modification. The latter can only be obtained during direct game. However, the authors note that the mechanics is still in development, but because some of the listed items can change by the release of Shadowkeep.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep will be released September 17 on all current platforms: PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Also the extension will be included in the starting library Google Stadia. More details in this news.

Добивания в Destiny 2: Shadowkeep будут давать боевые бонусы и продаваться за реальные деньги