Finnish hockey player has paid a record in the history of their country car fine

Финский хоккеист заплатил рекордный в истории своей страны автомобильный штраф

One of the most talented defenders in the NHL, the Rasmus Ristolainen car received a record fine in the history of their country. For speeding Rasmus fined on 120 thousand Euro.

Fortunately, the Rasmus Ristolainen didn’t hit anybody, didn’t arrange an accident, has not created the emergency.

In early may of this year in his hometown of Turku Rasmus on the Mercedes G 500 SUV drove on one of the sections at a speed of 81 km/h with the limit 40 km/h.

In Finland the rules of the road are the same for all, but the amount of fines, as it turned out, no.

The so-called “speeding ticket” is calculated based on the official earnings of the offender. Ristolainen current contract with Buffalo, totaling $ 32.4 million. In the year Rasmus receives approximately 5.4 million dollars.

Based on the economic formula of punishments in Finland, was deducted the amount of the fine of 120 thousand euros.