Fires in Australia allowed to make archaeological discovery

Пожары в Австралии позволили сделать археологическое открытие

After the fires raging in the Australian state of Victoria a few weeks, managed to discover the sites of the ancient system of aquaculture, built by the aborigines thousands of years ago.

National Park, Budge-BIM experts managed to detect previously unknown sites of aboriginal Gunditjmara adapted for the breeding of eels. The first stone buildings of the natives in the area appeared about 6600 years – much earlier than the Egyptian pyramids. Last year, the cultural landscape of the Budge BIM was added to the world heritage List of UNESCO, and now, by chance, managed to find new traces of ancient civilization.

The fire broke out at the end of December and was brought under control just last week. Affected more than 7,000 hectares of land around the lake of Konda and the National Park Budge-BIM. The new part of aquaculture were found after inspection of the area affected by the fire. Earlier ancient channels were hidden by vegetation.