Firm the Lego potrollila the design of the Tesla pickup truck (PHOTO)

Фирма Lego потроллила дизайн пикапа Теслы (ФОТО)

Manufacturer of children’s designers of Lego on Twitter posted its version of the electric Tesla pickup truck Cybertruck. It looks even easier than the original: the model consists of three blocks and four small wheels.

In the caption to the large-scale model in Lego said that it is guaranteed shock-resistant. This is another reference to the pickup truck, which has armored body of stainless steel, not afraid of blows with a sledgehammer and shots from a pistol of calibre of 9 millimetres.

Despite the many jokes about strange design Tesla Cybertruck, the future truck is very popular. Less than a week, the company gathered 250 thousand orders.

Every client has paid a refundable Deposit in the amount of $ 100, despite the fact that the mass production Cybertruck will start only at the end of 2021.