First in history: the Ukrainian told how conquered the world Cup podium of JIU-jitsu

Перший в історії: українець розповів, як підкорив п'єдестал чемпіонату світу з джиу-джитсу

Yaroslav Blazhko won the silver medal of the world championship in the United Arab Emirates in the weight category up to 69 kilograms.

This is the first time the Ukrainian won the world Cup podium at the Brazilian JIU-jitsu: how the athlete came to victory, the newspaper “Express”. “I worked with four years, says “Express” Yaroslav Blazhko. First he attended the circle of gymnastics, at the age of ten became interested in Taekwondo. And in 18 years has decided to do Brazilian JIU-jitsu”. “Yaroslav was the medalist of the world championship through hard work, adds Eugene Skirda, personal trainer of the athlete. — He trains twice a day for three hours. Visits the gym five days a week. Brazilian JIU jitsu has long been to Yaroslav’s a profession, not a hobby.” “I fell in love with this sport in its rules, — says Yaroslav Blazhko. In JIU-jitsu allowed much more techniques than other types of combat. As a rule, we gain the victory because of painful and suffocating receptions. Try to block the breathing opponent or make him very sick. When the opponent is in stalemate, then hit the hand on the carpet, indicating that admits defeat”. Brazilian JIU-jitsu is often called chess on the carpet. Eugene Skirda confirms that this sport plays an important role not strength, and tactics. “All the steps you need to think ahead, says the coach. — Do not have to be very strong. In this sport a much weaker fighter can easily defeat kremenska of the opponent, because the whole struggle on the ground, where strength and anthropometric data will no longer be the trump card. How is this possible? A hundred years ago the founder of this sport, Japanese, Matsuyo Made, invented the techniques, thanks to which the weaker athlete the arms or legs in the fighting can drive an opponent into a wall.” Interestingly, Brazilian JIU-jitsu is the only sport where at the end of the competition organise tournament winners of all weight categories. Recently in Germany Yaroslav Blazhko became the Victor of such battles, defeating in the final, heavier than itself, as much as 40 kilograms of the opponent. The winner of the world championship tells us about the level of earnings in his favorite sport. “We are financed by foreign sponsors, says the athlete. These companies are engaged in the development of Brazilian JIU-jitsu around the world. The popularity of this sport is crazy, especially in the United States. But the state does not help us. However to act under pravara other countries do not want. The color of my victory — yellow-blue”.

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