First test drive of the coupe-crossover Haval F7x (PHOTO)

Первый тест-драйв купе-кроссовера Haval F7x (ФОТО)

Less than six months since then, as Haval rolled out to the market innovative crossover F7, as we presented a modification of it – Haval F7x. From a technical point of view it at first glance, nothing really new there, except for today’s fashionable form-factor of a coupe-crossover.

Do not be surprised if the idea to produce Haval F7x the Chinese told the French with their Renault Arkana. It is possible that marketers Haval appreciated the interest of potential customers to the “compartment” model in the budget segment and with minimum costs quickly modified its fairly new crossover Haval F7, turning it into a Haval F7x.

I got almost all the same, but only with a sloping rear roof. Pierre Leclerc, a former chief designer of BMW is now working on Haval. He had, apparently, to turn in F7 F7x – a La BMW X3 BMW X4. He turned as best he could. But the caveat here is that the Bavarian crossover wheelbase 10 centimeters longer than the “Chinese”.

Therefore, the body of the X4 and looks like straw, and Haval F7x profile similar to a slightly flattened top the “pie”. But still – very cute.

In the cabin F7x all almost same as F7 for a small, but notable exception. For the extra money coupe-crossover can be equipped with a 7-inch fully electronic gauge Board complete with an additional rotating “washer” on the Central tunnel. With its help, the duplicated control multimediai all this is more than relevant in modern automotive engineering.

But in the end the driver does not need to go unsafe to be distracted by poking a finger into a 9-inch monitor on the centre console. Instead, lowered his hand between the front seats – and cool-just what you want a controller.

The rest of the front of the cabin F7x no news for a person who is familiar with the F7, it does not. With the exception of the yellow-and-white inserts in the seat upholstery and door trim. This original element is the “trick” F7x. In General – the same high-quality “leather” finish everything, comfortable seats and the steering wheel adjustment range, which, however, lacks a pair of three centimeters hight.

Because of this, by the way, a man with long legs (and with the growth of 180 cm. above anyway) will be difficult to properly get behind the wheel of a crossover, if he prefers to sit up higher and not “booty on the asphalt”.

The knees of the rear passengers feel at ease in almost any position of the front seats. If you decide to completely relax and fully recline, you’ll probably meet top with headliner where the sloping roof goes into a window of the fifth door.

Trunk F7x small. Rather not say, since the official TTX was not just its volume with the rear seats folded – 1152 L. But we know that Haval F7 with a raised sofa behind a 732 liters of useful space. That is F7х because of the heavily sloping rear part of the figure is unlikely to exceed 550 HP However, the Chinese address of this machine fans fun, and not pragmatics. So her future owners the maximum amount of junk carried is unlikely to be much to worry about. Especially when you consider that the Chinese novelty rather curiously manifested itself on the go.

First, unpleasant. Had to once again make sure that the Chinese language has no concept of “feedback steering”. That is, there wheel the same weightless at any speed: what’s in a near-zero position when turned all the way to the side wheels, which in any intermediate position. To manage the crossover is necessary, focusing on the visual information – as in a computer racing game play.

And this despite the fact that the dynamics of the machine shows a very decent. After all, the basic “hardware” at the F7x is the same as F7. The only difference is that the engine range from beginner excluded 150-strong unit. Coupe-crossover has received the only engine is a turbocharged 2-liter 190-horsepower. Petrol, of course. KP – 7-step “robot” with a “wet” clutch. Drive – both front and full – automatically activated by an electronic clutch.

190 “horses” under the hood allow you to accelerate to a hundred in 9 seconds. Suspension F7x – a kind. On the one hand, on a good surface she nervously transmits to the body all the asphalt detail. On the other hand, just a 5+ to cope with really broken asphalt roads of the Tula provincial hinterland: you are no breakouts on the body, and the shaking is the minimum, subject to conditions. That is works – very much!

It turned out that the Chinese crossover winter tires on perfectly and even effortlessly stormed a serious mucky.

All-wheel drive transmission of the machine can operate in several modes: “dirt”, “snow”, “sand” and so on.But to be honest, significant difference in patency in the course of these experiments failed to detect: disabled ESP and algorithms of the transmission decide, as they say.

Hanging wheels the car is also absolutely not bad, as it turned out. In General, if you do not plant Haval F7x on the “belly” and not to meddle in the mud on the road “slicks”, the crossover frankly surprised maneuverability.

Первый тест-драйв купе-кроссовера Haval F7x (ФОТО)

Первый тест-драйв купе-кроссовера Haval F7x (ФОТО)

Первый тест-драйв купе-кроссовера Haval F7x (ФОТО)

Первый тест-драйв купе-кроссовера Haval F7x (ФОТО)

Первый тест-драйв купе-кроссовера Haval F7x (ФОТО)

Первый тест-драйв купе-кроссовера Haval F7x (ФОТО)