Firtash’s lawyers commented on the decision of the court of Austria

Адвокаты Фирташа прокомментировали решение суда Австрии

American lawyers Dmitry Firtash Dan Webb and lanny Davis commented on the decision of the panel of judges of the Supreme court of Austria authorized the extradition of Firtash to the U.S., where he faces up to 50 years in prison.

American defenders argue that U.S. prosecutors are in the full text of the charges never accused Ukrainian businessman with bribery.

“We are disappointed with the decision of the Supreme court of Austria. In any case, nothing has changed regarding the innocence of Mr. Firtash and the lack of evidence of his guilt in any crime,” the report said Bloomberg.

Protection Firtash also claimed that his client has never been in the United States and did not know about the plans for bribing officials in India on the issue of Indian deposits of titanium, which has never been implemented.