Fiscals explained how to register software cash registers

Фискалы разъяснили, как зарегистрировать программные РРО

August 1 shall enter into effect the law on the use of RRO.

General office of the State tax service (STS) in Kiev told about the sequence of actions with the registration software of payment transactions (PPO). The relevant information is published in a letter the Agency sent out to media.

So, a business entity intending to register software cash registers must be registered at the Supervisory authority. There on the account should also be the economic unit where it will be PPO, which is a business entity reports to the Supervisory authority in accordance with the requirements of paragraph 63.3 of article 63 of the Tax code of Ukraine.

Registration software RRO is carried out on the basis of the application filed in electronic form via E-account or by means of telecommunications.

After you enable software cash registers in the registry software of payment transactions it can be used by the enterprise.

Certificates of electronic signatures and seals that will be used for software loggers, the entity reports in accordance with the Procedure of exchange of electronic documents with regulatory authorities established by the Ministry of Finance from 06.06.2017 No. 557.

Earlier, the tax reported on the conditions in which FLP on a single tax transferred to the General taxation system.