Fisherman-champion – businessman from Melitopol caught a fish weighing 42 kg

Рыбак-рекордсмен - предприниматель из Мелитополя поймал рыбу весом 42 кг

The Deputy of Melitopol city Council Nikolay Koprowski – a real fisherman-record. His record catch – a halibut weighing 42 pounds, which he caught in Norway. This publication RIA Melitopol continues the story of our compatriots – the fans of fishing. Today, their professional holiday – day of the fisherman.

Nikolai Petrovich admits that for more than thirty years of fascination with fishing traveled to fish to Norway five times. In Ukraine, he prefers to fish on a private lake – there is a generous catch. But the size of fish not the same: the most “powerful” carp weighed in at four kilograms.

Close MP, the fascination full support. Wife thinks he needs to rest periodically, and fishing helps to restore strength. However, to clean a fish wife of Nicholas Chiprovskogo dislikes, so it is often the catch has to give.

For a good biting Nikolai Petrovich always watching the weather. For example, for carp is more suitable for cool weather and a small wave.

The ear of the fish caught by the Deputy of the cook, only if the company was going right, or if fishing it overnight. His secret ingredient – 100 ml vodka (about 4 liters of soup), which is added at the end of cooking.

To invent and to buy the fish if the fishing failed, Nicholas Koprowski not like – according to him, there is nothing to be ashamed of. However, good catch it is also not happy, as it leaves no time for relaxation.

Fishing our interlocutor is trying to get out at least once in two weeks. He is the son-in-law, which, among other things, he enjoys underwater hunting, so with such a versatile companion, never a dull moment.

Nikolai Petrovich admits: I used to think that the most expensive uniforms of the hunters. And when I started fishing, I realized that this hobby is even more expensive. However, gear and uniforms do not need to buy at one time. For 30 years, Nicholas Koprowski has enough accessories and devices that, though, and were expensive, the family budget is not hit.