Fits in a backpack: the Japanese have invented an inflatable motorized scooter

anemia coronavirus COVID-19 completely changed the rhythm of life of the inhabitants of many countries of the world. The concept of social distancing is so firmly established in our lives, that people began to give preference to no public transportation, and compact scooters, bikes and scooters. This trend picked up by scientists from the University of Tokyo and has developed an inflatable motorized scooter.

The model is called Poimo and it’s so compact that can fit in a backpack. The weight of the scooter is only 5.5 pounds and inflating it by using an electric pump in just 2 minutes. According to the developers the electric scooter is completely safe, and the probability of injury in the event of an accident is minimized.

Poimo solid has five removable components: two sets of wheels, electric motor, battery and steering wheel with integrated wireless controller. The rest of the scooter is made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). The submitted sample is a prototype and needs to be assessed in the security. However, the developers are confident that Poimo so good, that soon will fall on the conveyor.