Five districts of Kharkiv region reported on the preparation for the winter

Пять районов Харьковской области отчитались о подготовке к зиме

Today in Kharkiv held a meeting of regional staff on preparation of an economic complex of objects of social sphere to the stable operation in the autumn-winter period.

The meeting was chaired by Deputy head of Kharkiv state administration Vadim Danielyan with the heads of Zachepilovka, Dvurechansky, Zmiev, velikoburluksky and Bliznyukovsky districts, relevant structural units of the RSA, services, gas, electricity, Service roads and the state enterprise “Roads of Kharkiv”.

Opening the meeting, the Chairman noted that the issue of preparation of region for winter is under the personal supervision of Julia Svetlichnaya. So, part of this process, studied in detail during the conference, which was held under the leadership of the head of HOAG 9 July.

“During the selector discussed problematic issues, heads of districts received specific tasks, – said Vadim Danielyan. – So once again I want to emphasize that heads of administration and heads of the community bear personal responsibility for preparing for autumn and winter. Now we look confidently to the future and have to prepare a social and communal spheres of the regions to winter in the planned terms”.

On the preparation Zachepilovka district told his supervisor Andrew Hemp. According to him, the entire housing stock in the area (including 31 multi-family house) is transferred to individual heating. Readiness for winter is now 60%.

“The degree of performance of works in water supply and sanitation sector – 60 – 70%. Work is carried out in the following areas: replacement and repair of water facilities, Sewerage networks, pumping stations and sewage treatment plants. Schools are prepared in accordance with the schedules – is the repair of roofs, proceeds billet of solid fuel”, – provided information Zachepilovskiy Chairman of the RGA.

According to the head Dvurechenskoe RGA Irina Grigorenko, the housing stock in the district is 100% ready for winter.

“Prepared in 22 boiler houses of the housing entirely on the individual heating – 68 residential buildings. Educational institutions 100% secured with coal and firewood”, – reported the head of Dvurechansky district.

Preparation of an economic complex of objects of social sphere for the winter in Zmiev district. According to the Vice-Chairman of RGA Sergey Lyashko, the thermal economy of the district is prepared on a 64% – 36 boiler is technically ready 22.

“14 boilers working on solid fuel. This allows us to save almost 700 thousand cubic meters of gas a year – or 26% of the consumed gas”, – said Sergey Lyashko.

He also said that of the 448 multi-storey buildings for the winter prepared 281. Preparation of buildings of the social sphere. Of the 42 schools ready for the heating season 26.

Vadim Danielyan applied to the management of the Zmiev district, with the recommendation to pay special attention to the provision of coal zmiivska TPP from work which depends entirely on the heating of the settlement Slobozhansky.

About preparing areas and problematic issues reported to heads of Velikoburluskii and Bliznyukovsky.

Velikoburluksky Chairman of the RGA Igor Kovalenko said that the boiler and furnace are ready for winter, the planned works on the objects of social sphere carried out by 77%. An important project that pays attention this year, for the district is the reconstruction of a water main from the village of Katerynivka to the Great Burluk.

According to the Chairman Bliznyukovsky RGA Anatoly Kalashnikov, the district planning and preparing for winter. In particular, it is still necessary to repair the roof of the school in the village Uplatne.

During the meeting, staff members discussed the condition and repair of local roads, preparation of water supply and Sewerage services, payments for services of heat, water and sanitation and the adoption of economically justified tariffs for housing and communal services.