Five first steps Zelensky: the analyst explained, is it possible to perform

Пять первых шагов Зеленского: политолог объяснил, реально ли их выполнить

The Verkhovna Rada voted for the date of inauguration of newly elected President. So may 20, Vladimir Zelensky will swear allegiance to the people of Ukraine. At the same time, the sociological service has formed a list of five first steps that you would expect from the ex-showman Ukrainians.

Political scientist Oleg Saakyan live 24 channel explained whether Vladimir Zelensky to query companies.

What Ukrainians demand?

  1. Submit to the Verkhovna Rada a bill repealing the parliamentary immunity of not only MPs, but also judges and the President.
  2. To ensure the return of Ukrainian prisoners of war.
  3. Initiate the dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada.
  4. To guarantee the stability of the Ukrainian currency.
  5. To end the war in the Donbass.

The analyst stressed that all these steps are extremely important for Ukraine, but not all people understand the consequences of these actions.

For example, issues of war and peace. Unfortunately, the war was a stimulus for the Ukrainian society. This stimulus desorientiert people and spreads the alarm. Moreover, the average citizen doesn’t know what he can do to bring an end to the war in Ukrainian conditions,

– said Sahakyan.

In his opinion, the main task of the President to formulate our own way of victory and peace. This image would translate the war from the state of the stimulus to the mobilization factor, which rallied citizens. Regarding the dissolution of Parliament, he reminded that Ukrainians voted for Zelensky because they have no confidence in the old political elite. Therefore, if the newly elected President will not dissolve Parliament, he may lose rating.