Five foods that help suppress appetite

Пять продуктов, которые помогают подавить аппетит

The desire to obtain the beautiful form leads many to go on a diet. However, sometimes the results can ruin a excessive appetite. However, there are foods that help to control the feeling of hunger.


Buy fresh coconut in the store is not always possible, but the coconut paste with no added sugar is quite easy. Coconut is full of fiber and healthy fats, which quickly give the feeling of satiety.


These nuts are a wonderful snack. They not only full of fiber and protein. Plus include vitamins and minerals, which is not exactly to find in a bag of chips.


Another rich in fiber and healthy fats product.


Meet fresh only in season. But do not worry, dried figs are also a lot of fiber.


Boil or bake potatoes is to exclude a huge amount of oil. There’s just enough fiber to give the feeling of fullness, and minerals will be an added bonus.