Five key changes in the Ukrainian medicine: what will happen to Cossacks in 2019

Пять ключевых изменений в украинской медицине: что ждет запорожцев в 2019 году

In Ukraine, improving health care: the revised principles of funding and providing services to patients. This year, health was allocated from the state budget of 15 billion hryvnias more – 132 billion the Government Groisman implements five fundamental changes in the health system that will have a positive impact on those treated and on those treats.

“If three to five years to do what the plan for the reform of medicine, and during this time Ukrainians will see positive changes in the health care system will feel the improvement of the quality of medical care. It is important to act systematically and consistently,” – said Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman.

Family doctors: choose trust

In 2018, the Ukrainians had the opportunity without regard to place of residence freely choose the doctor you trust. Family doctor is actually the same doctor who can treat the whole family, which carries out preventive examinations, prescribes treatment, taking into account all features.

For such attention to the patient is paid by the state. The money goes to the hospital where the doctor works. Thus, realization of the principle “money follows the patient”. Companies that joined the reform, received increased funding from the state. For these means they can, for example, to buy new equipment and tools.

A positive reform effect on doctors ‘ salaries. “With the introduction of the first phase of health reform has significantly changed the financial motivation of physicians, – said Natalia Zhikhareva, candidate of med. Sciences, a pediatrician with years of experience, the medical consultant of the clinic “medical Exclusive”, Zaporozhye. – It affects the quality of medical care. The doctor becomes interested in attracting a larger number of patients and in developing their own level of education and knowledge.”

The better the doctor, the more people who want to experience it, therefore increasing his salary.

The campaign for the signing of declarations is still ongoing. Already 25 million Ukrainians chose their doctors.

Affordable medicines via prescription

A major cost for people with chronic diseases are the medicines that they need constantly. To such drugs as accessible as possible, in 2017, the government launched the program “Affordable medicine”. Over 260 drugs Ukrainians can get for free or at discounted prices, with prescription.

To simplify the mechanism of the program implementation from April will earn an electronic prescription. Buy drugs at any pharmacy, which is involved in the program, without reference to the place of residence of the patient. More than 6.6 million Ukrainians have already used the program “Affordable medicine”.

Free diagnosis by a physician

From 1 July 2019 the government runs the program “free diagnosis”, which includes 54 species research. Among them 20 tests, 6 ultrasounds, 4 types of biopsy, mammography, 5 types of x-rays, surgery one day.

For this program in the state Budget-2019 was laid down on 2 billion UAH. All tests and examinations Ukrainians will be able to get for free, if you sent them a doctor. No longer need to bring syringes, gloves, cotton wool or film for x-ray: the budget will cover the cost of services. The main thing – to have the direction of the survey.

Ambulance really soon

The importance of rapid emergency care understands everyone who at least once had cause to call an ambulance. For the call to be taken without delay and the brigade was directed to place the call as quickly as possible, the government starts a modernization of the “think tanks” and dispatching services.

Reform of emergency medicine provides for the purchase of new vehicles with modern equipment, additional training and high salaries of emergency teams. For this purpose in the pilot regions in 2019 allocated 1 billion UAH. Then the experience will apply to the whole of Ukraine.

Referral hospitals: skilled help and equipment

Ukraine is developing a network of specialized hospitals equipped with modern medical equipment. From 2017, the government allocates money for the purchase of angiography centres for cardiovascular surgery. In Zaporozhye with angiography, installed in the regional cardiology, saved hundreds of lives. This year this equipment will appear in Berdyansk. People with acute myocardial infarction are not only free screening, but vital stenting.

Special attention is paid to health of children. Build a new perinatal centers. The construction of new buildings of children’s hospital “Okhmatdet”, which treats children from all over Ukraine, including Zaporozhye region. Launched a new diagnostic building. Until the end of 2019 will be completed the second phase of the hospital, which means that twice as many children receive highly specialized care.

Key goals of the government

The government systematically relate to health care reform, understanding its vital importance for every Ukrainian.

“The healthcare system in Ukraine for decades has been underfunded and has not changed. We still have work to do to revive Ukrainian medicine. We have already made the first steps. There is still a lot of work,” – said Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.

These changes form the basis for achieving the key objectives of the government: every Ukrainian should receive adequate medical care in time, and doctors decent salaries.