Five products who have nothing to do in the fridge

Пять продуктов, которым нечего делать в холодильнике

Many hostesses believe that in order for the products remained fresh, they need to be sent on the shelf of the refrigerator. However, some products that are present in daily diet, storage at low temperatures is contraindicated.

Bakery products

Buying bread in the store, some put it in the refrigerator, sincerely believing that he longer it will stay fresh. Humidity fresh loaf is about 50%. Over time, the water evaporates, the humidity decreases, and the bread begins to dry.


Tropical fruit like the heat from a low temperature starts the process of decay and lost taste. Moreover, sweet bananas – ripened bananas. In the refrigeration device, they will not have time to ripen. Store them preferably in a temperature range from +15 to +25 degrees With clusters of suspended form.

First, the vegetable should be kept in a dark place, as light from the influence of changing taste. Secondly, it is not recommended the door of onions with potatoes. He’ll get spoiled faster. Thirdly, it is forbidden to store onions on a shelf of the refrigeration due to high moisture, poor ventilation. Also, after the vegetable had been in the refrigerator is moved to a warm environment, he “believes” that the spring came and the dormant stage is transferred to the germination phase.


If the tomatoes are in a frosty environment, they begin to lose flavor. The active aromatic substances at a low temperature not only stop functioning, but destroyed already existing in tomatoes connections. Though the first “die” elements responsible for flavor characteristics. Best option savings ripe tomatoes is to place closed from ultraviolet radiation. To keep the vegetables should be at room temperature.


If you keep a vegetable at room temperature and low humidity, it can have a wonderful winter up to 3 months.

Removing the garlic in adverse humid microclimate of the fridge, it will not wait for the 1st of the month will be dry and loose.

So, cold is useful not for all products, many of them on the contrary he “shortens” life. It is important to know what foods should not be kept in the fridge and wisely to approach the question of their preservation.