Five prohibitions on the scalp from which the hair is “straw”

Пять запретов при мытье головы, из-за которых волосы становятся "соломой"

Want to make your hair smooth and strong? There are things that can not be done in any case. This scheme was tested by beauty expert Diane Millen. Nutrition and hydration hair masks plus these rules and hair breakage when combing reduced to a minimum.

Wash with hot water

Hair cannot be washed with hot water because the high temperature disrupts the structure of the hair and enhances the revitalization of the sebaceous glands. Wash only with warm water, and in the end it is useful to rinse with cold.

Shampooing the length

The shampoo should be applied only on the roots! Balm on lengths and ends. If you are familiar with this rule, good. But, it turns out, I know its not all girls! Washing the length with shampoo, and not dripping with foam, you doom your hair dry and brittle.

Wringing a towel

Hair, do not RUB aggressively squeeze. You can just gently blot with a towel, not spinning in his hair. When you twist, you stretch the hair, which then becomes brittle and lifeless.?

Walking in a towel

Ever notice that you washed your hair recently, and her hair is like dirty? Because of the sauna effect created by the fabric, the sebaceous glands begin to work harder, faster losing hair is a clean and well-groomed appearance. Generally, a couple of minutes with the towel on your head is enough.

Comb on the wet hair

Sin combing wet hair to let them dry already straight? Forget about it! Aggressive brushing, and generally brushing wet hair – banned. Again, stretch the hair and will bring them to brittle.