Five rules that will protect your phone from premature breakdown [R]

Пять правил, которые защитят ваш телефон от преждевременных поломок [Р]

Buying a phone, nobody wants it before the time is out of order. We picked up simple rules helping to avoid such a situation.

Use additional accessories

This is the easiest recommendation: reliable case and a durable glass on the display will save you. And to choose products that are suitable for your model of phone, it is advantageous here: Now a very popular covers made of TPU – polyurethane, resistant to high and low temperatures (including frost). Remain popular soft silicone lining that protects the body from scratches, abrasion.

Are available different types of cases: bumpers, pads with coasters, books – there is a solution for all phone models.

Replace outdated accessories

Not all of the owners in time to change covers or screen protectors. Often the film comes in waves, it appears under the air, but it is not glue. Remember: protective accessory performs its functions only in the case if he is in good condition – the same applies to the covers.

“Treat the” little problems

Sometimes the owner notices that the phone has a little defect – for example, barely leaves the screen. Typically, these problems are perceived not serious, but if you ignore this fact, after a time secured a larger failure. For this reason, the slightest defects corrected immediately – it is safer, cheaper, cheaper.

Put your phone in the same place

A frequent cause of failure is inattention of the owner of the device is filled with water, drop them, sit on them. If you choose to machine certain places that you will always use, the brain is subconsciously going to remember that there is a technique. So, throwing the mobile in the bag, always choose one pocket. Then transport you intuitively will behave in a way to protect the pocket from any unwanted effects.

Protect the device from excess dust, debris

After long use the reason for failure is often that speakers or other openings of the phone is clogged with dust, different granular substances. Not all holsters cover the holes, so even in the presence of protective elements is still a problem. Do not place the device in a pocket where the accumulated garbage, not carry it in bag along with other things – use the insulated compartment. Working in a dusty environment, buy for the device tight package for zip-fastener.

Stick to these rules – and you can easily avoid unnecessary, offensive breakdowns, relevant to many uncaring people.

Пять правил, которые защитят ваш телефон от преждевременных поломок [Р]

Пять правил, которые защитят ваш телефон от преждевременных поломок [Р]