Five signs that it’s time to quit coffee

Пять признаков, указывающих на то, что пора "завязывать" с кофе

The doctors called dangerous condition in which it is time to stop to drink coffee in unlimited quantities. Among the major symptoms – increased heart rate, sharp pain in the abdomen, diarrhea, hand tremors, and headaches.

Palpitation of the heart. Arrhythmia is the first thing that tells us about the excess caffeine in the body;

Sharp and nagging pains in the abdomen. A number of varieties of coffee can stimulate excessive secretion of gastric juice;

Diarrhea. Natural coffee is a great laxative, and in combination with milk, cream or milk cream it almost always encourages trips to the bathroom;

Hand tremor. This dangerous symptom indicates that while to stop drinking coffee in uncontrolled amounts;

Headaches. We all know that an espresso shot takes off a migraine attack in its initial stages. But five to six cups a day will only cause a headache.