Five time-tested ways to get rid of a hangover

Пять проверенных временем способов избавления от похмелья

You can stick to a healthy lifestyle, eat right and visit the gym, but sometimes you want to relax over dinner and enjoy a glass of some alcoholic beverage.

And then go a second glass and the end has in the Arsenal is the strongest alcohol. After sleeping you will feel like you have been kicked all night, and you were singing karaoke at the same time – the so-called hangover. We decided to share with you some ways that will help to avoid this feeling after waking up.

Breakfast is the first method. The fact that after drinking reduces blood sugar, so you need to normalize. In this case, the perfect freshly squeezed juice, such as Apple or orange. Juice is a great way to get rid of a hangover, but if he doesn’t help then you need to eat any food with a high glycemic index. As a rule, white bread or rice milk.

The second method is more clean water. After a strong booze in the morning man always feels very thirsty. Well-known fact that the human body is to a large part consists of water. So, top brain tissue also need lots of water, especially after alcohol is dehydrated and creates pressure. Of course it is good if you drink water while your party with alcohol, but a couple of glasses of plain water in the morning does not hurt to move away from the hangover and give your body a liquid, which he lost.

Old grandma way to avoid hangovers in the morning – before you drink you need to eat well. If you drink alcohol on an empty stomach, the alcohol will be absorbed much faster. By the way, experts have proven that a full stomach allows you to save the content of alcohol in the blood at a lower level.

You need to give preference to only quality alcohol. Drinks at a cost more expensive medium or contain a smaller amount of fermentation. You should to understand that cheap brandy or whiskey in a conventional supermarket – it’s not the best option for you and your body. Of course the best option would be a good brandy, whiskey or red semi-dry wine, but it’s a matter of taste.

But carbonated drinks should be abandoned otherwise in the morning the head will be buzzing almost in the literal sense of the word. Such beverages is champagne and other spirits with bubbly. By the way, even a study was conducted which showed that the gases in the drinks promote rapid absorption of alcohol, so they will aggravate the hangover the morning.