Five years after the murders on the Maidan: how far along is the investigation?

Пять лет после убийств на Майдане: как далеко продвинулось следствие?

The investigation of murders on the Maidan in February 2014, still not completed. Why, after 5 years of investigative actions, the perpetrators are still not punished? DW collected the basic facts about the investigation.

Days from 18 to 20 February 2014 became the bloodiest during the “revolution of dignity” in Ukraine. Then as a result of confrontations in Kiev center killed 80 activists and 13 police officers. Recently the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said that the pre-trial investigation of these crimes is complete. However, the investigators and the lawyers of the families of the victims deny this. So, what is known at the moment about the investigation of murders on the Maidan in 2014?

What is known about the murders on the Maidan?

For the investigation of murders on the Maidan during the protests in 2014 at the insistence of the families of the victims in the Prosecutor General of Ukraine established the office of special investigations. According to the head of this Department Sergey Gorbatyuk, after five years of investigation, 66 persons were notified on suspicion in Commission of crime under article “murder”.

50 suspects in the killings of activists in hiding, primarily in Russia. The Russian authorities do not give these people. According to the Gorbatyuk, suspects should be judged by the law on in absentia proceedings. And this law, in turn, provides for the Declaration of suspects on the international wanted list. Now Interpol refused to Ukraine in search of Ukrainians, suspected of organizing, promoting, and committed the murders on the Maidan. Interpol sees the investigation of these murders are signs of political persecution amid the change of power in Ukraine in 2014 and, accordingly, refuses to declare suspects wanted, said Sergei Gorbatyuk.

That is why now work on the completion of investigations of murders paralyzed. Is not completed and will “hang” until the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine will change the legislation. At the same time, 7 February, the Verkhovna Rada did not support the inclusion in the agenda of the bill on amendments to the Criminal procedure code of Ukraine to improve certain provisions of the code in connection with the implementation of the special pre-trial investigation.

Case of independence the courts are not moving

Now sent to court indictments only 17 people, who are suspected in the killings of protesters during the events on Maidan in 2014. Any verdict on them yet. On the one hand, the examination of cases is delayed for objective reasons, due to the large amount of evidence that must be examined in the court. In particular, in the Svyatoshinsky district court of Kiev a few years the case is heard about the mass shooting of protesters in Central Kiev February 20, 2014. In this production collected evidence of 48 dead and 80 wounded. Court for two years only questioned victims.

In other courts there are delays in hearing cases or sabotage, said Sergey Gorbatyuk. Judicial sessions are appointed rarely, judges all the time tolerate hearing or choose too light of a measure of restraint, allowing the suspect to flee from justice. In particular, in the “Kharkiv “Berkut”, where the former commandos were charged with the murder of three people, the Appellate court of Kiev chose a measure of restraint of suspects “personal obligation” and they fled to Russia.

Many unidentified persons

In some cases, remain “white spots”, in particular, many unidentified persons as suspects a consequence, were somehow involved in the attacks and the death of people. For example, there are cases where used hunting cartridges. However, the investigators of the office of special investigations, the GPU is still not established who was carrying the ammo or where they were purchased. Because of this, remain unsolved are the first murders on the Maidan – Sergey Nigoyan, Mikhail Zhiznevsky and Roman Senik.

Sergey Gorbatyuk indicates that Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, particularly the Ministry of internal Affairs (MVD) and security Service of Ukraine (SBU) do not contribute to these investigations, and sometimes sabotage. According to the Gorbatyuk, of those militiamen who gives truthful testimony about the events of 2014, trying to fire from law enforcement agencies in the re-certification, and suspects continue to work on the posts in the interior Ministry and SBU.

Russian trace in the murders on the Maidan

In 2014, in Ukraine, information was actively spread that the protesters on Maidan were shot by Russian snipers. However, over the five years of investigation of evidence which would confirm the presence and use of weapons by snipers from Russia, the investigation is not yet found, said Gorbatyuk. Now all suspects are GPU – Ukrainians.

However, the investigation continues to work on the version of the involvement of Russian special services to these crimes, as there is documented information about the arrival to Ukraine of representatives of the Federal security service of the Russian Federation and advising them of the Ukrainian authorities regarding the military option of counter-protests on the Maidan in 2014. Also confirmed donations to Ukraine from Russia under the guise of humanitarian aid of special means of enhanced actions, grenades, which did not pass the examination on the possibility of applying. Gorbatyuk noted that in the present investigation evaluates the consequences and crimes has led these actions to events in Ukraine.

At the end of last year the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine conducted an investigative experiment on Institutskaya street in Kiev, where the 2014 mass people were shot. The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko promised that the society will be provided with irrefutable evidence that criminal orders to shoot people on the Euromaidan gave then the first persons of Ukraine.

Пять лет после убийств на Майдане: как далеко продвинулось следствие?

Пять лет после убийств на Майдане: как далеко продвинулось следствие?