Five years later, before the release got RPG based on the “Harry Potter”, based on Minecraft

Спустя пять лет до релиза добралась RPG по «Гарри Поттеру» на основе Minecraft

Witchcraft and Wizardry – RPG map in Minecraft based on the “Harry Potter”, on which the team enthusiasts The Floo Network worked for almost five years. If all the work is as impressive as the launch trailer, then we had a contender for best game in the universe!

You will be able to explore not only Hogwarts, but also many other cult places of the franchise – these include, among others, the prison Azkaban, Ministry of magic, Hogsmeade village, Diagon alley and the streets of London. You will meet many familiar characters.

Classes for kvadratnogo wizard are: you will be able to solve puzzles, and play Quidditch and fight opponents like the Dementors, trolls, and Pixies. In battle, of course, useful magic wand, which is also used for teleporting and moving objects.

In addition, the inhabitants of the school of magic will throw you a variety of tasks – from collecting bad mandragor searching for stars in a dark labyrinth, lit only by your “Lysosom”.

Download the map here. The game requires Java version 1.13.2.