Five years of captivity and torture: a Frank interview with the mother of prisoner of Russia Stanislav Cliche

Пять лет неволи и пыток: откровенное интервью с матерью пленника России Станислава Клыха

Today marks 5 years since the beginning of the Russian prisoners and the brutal torture of Ukrainian political prisoner, journalist and historian stanisław Cliche. Russia sent him to prison for 20 years on trumped up charges completely – allegedly, he participated in the Chechen war, although Ukrainians were not even in Chechnya.

The political prisoner’s mother Tamara Klyh in an exclusive interview with channel 24 described how the son of a schoolboy for the first time protested against Russia, what the latest news was received from him, there is an urgent need to write the captured Ukrainian letters and how likely exchange in the near future.

What are the latest news from Stanislaus?

On 20 June I spoke to him on the phone. He was using the word said that he hurt all over. My son was very upset and allegedly didn’t want to talk. Said prison is a prison, and that’s it. The father said two words, but what to say? Be strong, and that’s it. Prior to that he was Consul. Also said that Stas became silent, although usually talkative.

In July I ordered another phone conversation with the son of the Russian jailers, but they reported that it was transferred. It does not say where I was in suspense. On July 15, the Consul said he’s already three weeks in the Chelyabinsk hospital! This is also confirmed by the Russian human rights activist Tatyana Shchur.

It is known that Stas was returned to prison on 27 July, but I 30 said, in prison it is not! Later it became known that he has brought to jail. But why my son 250 miles drove for three days? I don’t know. The day before he was to be Consul, but so far no information… within 5 years of arrest Sasha 6 times was in the hospital…

What about his health now?

I do not know. Was sent to the hospital allegedly suffering from hypertension. Then they said double pneumonia… But the Consul said that acute bronchitis! But the Russians accurate diagnoses even once he did not put.

Attracted and engaged to Stanislav Russian captivity?

Stas childhood, 3 year old, already knew how the pictures fully read. You know, the Jews say that they are good kids, and the Ukrainians like to call their so-sakimi bad. Although I’m praised, so clever ROS.

In eighth grade, Stas refused the Russian language. In a Russian school was forced to speak Russian, but at home in everyday life spoke Ukrainian. Ignored when the name is in Russian and when Ukrainian, come. Why abandoned Russian? Because he was fond of history, read a lot and knew a lot. In our family my father was dekulakized. He was very knowledgeable for the time, and loved grandson.

Stas graduated from the historical faculty of the Kyiv University named after Taras Shevchenko. He was starving on granite together with Stepan Khmara and Levko Lukyanenko. Then there were no telephones, so I wrote letters, then I they have been worn.

Stas received two higher education, subsequently in absentia in NUC studied law. He worked several jobs at the same time took lectures in schools and academies, and in parallel was a journalist. Was often on television, particularly on TRK “Kyiv”, his name was an expert on history and law.

When was the last time you saw your son?

Went to him every year since the captivity, on average 4 times. Since March I’m going on a trip, but fell and broke his right arm. So 2 months went in plaster incapacitated. Removed the cast yesterday.

Does the state of travel in the Russian prison to the son?

Last year the mission helped the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the Ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova. Last year I went at his own expense and with the help of caring.

Help ordinary people. You know, my father Stanislaw for 75 years. Five of them we’d captured the son. Both suffer. From the clinic “Boris” doctor-gynecologist Irina took us and drove to the traumatologist, at the x-rays… Always comes not with empty hands, brings medicines, we are very grateful to her that never leaves.

Editor Cherkasy us Newspapers also helps, sending letters, Newspapers, and our father photo Stas. As letters and Newspapers sent and Sentsov and Kolchenko, and Klychu… One Stanislav received and receives still. From Kremenchug good people writing to him and watch, come to visit us sometimes. The patient cerebral palsy girl all the time watching Stanislaus life in prison… it’s hard for Me to talk about it…

Room for Carty financial assistance to the family of Stanislaus Cliche:

4149 4993 4152 2975 – Tamara Klyh

Russian human rights activist Tatyana Shchur said on the phone 24 channels that now Stanislav Klyh is in solitary confinement in prison in verkhneural’sk. Hopes to share, and the only consolation for him is the letters. Tamara, you and I first met when asked Stas to thank for writing him a letter and you called… Reach him letters now, if he sends them to you?

A while Stas do not receive correspondence, then brought him in and took one immediately. And he wanted to read twice… When I went off and started complaining, then started to give his letters. He writes we few, because stamps are expensive. We sent him some to in acute need who have written. Rarely writes to us, but once a month we talk. The last letter – half a year ago, since then none.

Letters need to write in Russian and adhere to censorship. Send mail to: 457670, Chelyabinsk region, Verkhneuralsk of Severnaya street, 1, PRISON 1 FGU. Klychu Stanislav Romanovich, 1974

Was it possible for the previous government to exchange Cliche?

They wanted Chechens to change. But Irina Gerashchenko said that they have ” hands to the elbows in blood.” And I told her that my son has also written “dangerous offender”… in the same way the Russians look and don’t want to change! Say, “Let sit 20 years.” I believe that we had the Russians to send there, and the Ukrainians to return home. Now officials say he could do it, but Poroshenko was selling them. He wanted to bargain?!

You communicate with the families of other Ukrainian political prisoners? In your opinion, there is a possibility of the exchange of the near future in connection with the change of power in the country?

I speak with mothers of political prisoners. They’re still young, you know. I’m the oldest with her husband. Someone Ozhet and stronger, who has more kids… Maybe they have more comfort and care. We have Stanislav – one, all the attention to him. You know, all the families are waiting. I’m afraid that another 5 years will only promise to return. I hope that Zelensky will do something…

Meeting the families of political prisoners because of his age rarely go, they call me and report the news. Human rights activist Maria TOMAK accompanies me in 2015 and help. She, along with other recently was on reception at Zelensky, such as encouraging left… I wrote a letter to the President. He says he wants to release them. As it is, I can’t say. You know, we can’t give up!

All the mothers of prisoners of the Kremlin shouting and I hope that even under the new government our return Home. 5 years we have talked with Europe, what’s the point of that?

A political prisoner’s parents hope the new government believe that the son has exchanged

What is known about Stanislav Cliche?

This is a Ukrainian political prisoner, in Russia, was sentenced to 20 years for alleged involvement in the fighting against Russian troops during the Chechen war in the winter of 1994-1995.

Klich denies the allegations and denies that it ever was in Chechnya.

In 2017, the Ukrainian political prisoner was subjected to cruel torture and forced psychiatric treatment by decision of the Russian prison where he is kept. Cliche critical happen health: problems with kidneys, feet and heart. Doctors had suspected cancer, but have not found. Klyh repeatedly fasted in protest against the conviction of Sentsov and other prisoners of the Kremlin.

Пять лет неволи и пыток: откровенное интервью с матерью пленника России Станислава Клыха

Пять лет неволи и пыток: откровенное интервью с матерью пленника России Станислава Клыха

Пять лет неволи и пыток: откровенное интервью с матерью пленника России Станислава Клыха

Пять лет неволи и пыток: откровенное интервью с матерью пленника России Станислава Клыха

Пять лет неволи и пыток: откровенное интервью с матерью пленника России Станислава Клыха

Пять лет неволи и пыток: откровенное интервью с матерью пленника России Станислава Клыха

Пять лет неволи и пыток: откровенное интервью с матерью пленника России Станислава Клыха