Flags of Ukraine noticed on the protests in Moscow: it could be a provocation – photos, videos

Флаги Украины заметили на акциях протеста в Москве: это могла быть провокация - фото, видео

The day before during a protest in Moscow, the cause of which was the refusal to register opposition candidates for the elections to the Moscow city Duma, noticed the flags of Ukraine. However, later it became known that in this way enemies could discredit the organizers of the event.

Videos and photos with Ukrainian flag went viral online and was widely publicized. In particular, some footage shows how a young man raises the flag of Ukraine, but at this time it is suitable to the aggressive youngster and tries to snatch it, but the protesters do not give him to do it.

The man hoisted the Ukrainian flag at the rally in Moscow and he was assaulted by a young man: watch the video

In addition, according to the newspaper News.ru other participants called a man with a Ukrainian flag a “provocateur” and demanded that he remove the flag. At the same time, the man replied that he was proud of their country and independence. Bly if it is the same person, about which we wrote above, there is no information. As for the incident itself, it is likely that in this way provocateurs tried to turn the rally into a mass brawl.

The Deputy of the municipal district of Izmaylovo Hope Zahorjan also said that he saw people with Ukrainian and Georgian flags. When she got closer, it turned out that this “friends of Central Asia”, working in Moscow, mainly by public utilities.

“Whose flags are not know, but told them to take them and suffer. Suggested I call to those who ordered them flags to carry, but instead of the phone I decided to run flags,” – said the politician.

By the way, against activists in Russia can open a case as it believes law enforcement unconscionable

What is known about the protests on 10 August in Moscow

Organized by the Russian opposition. This is the fourth consecutive rally. The previous was:

12 July (attended more than 12,000 people arrested 38 people),

July 27 (5 to 10 thousand participants, more than 1 thousand detainees, plus further searches in the opposition),

August 3 (the protesters approximately 22 thousand delayed about 1 thousand people).

On the recent protests that they participated in at least 60 thousand people. Russian media say that this is the largest protest action since 2012. According to human rights activists, according to its results , the security forces arrested at least 256 people, while police announced a much lower figure of 136 people.

The reason behind all these was the fact that the CEC refused some opposition candidates to register for elections to the city Duma of Moscow, even though they have collected the required number of signatures. The CEC is explained by the errors in?? subscription lists – they allegedly found discrepancies in the completion and error in the passport data.

Флаги Украины заметили на акциях протеста в Москве: это могла быть провокация - фото, видео