Flexible smartphone Microsoft Surface Duo will get an interesting replacement for an external display

Smartphone Microsoft Surface Duo, which announced in the fall of 2019, has received two major display, but was left without an external screen for viewing notifications. However, the engineers at Microsoft found a solution to this problem, which allows you to quickly view posts without taking the device in tablet mode.

Viewing messages

According to the new videotizer, which is published online, users Surface Duo would be easy enough to open a difficult device to read the text of the message entered in the narrow column at the edge of the display. If the alerts will accumulate a lot of them, you can scroll through, as in the usual operation of the smartphone.

How to view messages – see the video

Additional useful features

Another useful feature of the device will be the ability to turn the display 360 degrees. In this position, he will be like a normal candy bar and allow you to easily hold the model with one hand, for example, during a call.

Microsoft Surface Duo can expand 360 degrees – see the video

Date of presentation

The release Surface Duo is expected in winter 2020. At the same time to take place the premiere of the 13-inch folding device Microsoft Surface Windows Neo at 10X. The exact date of the presentation and the price of new items not yet announced.

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