Flies to the Earth potentially hazardous asteroid

К Земле летит потенциально опасный астероид

Asteroid 1998 HL1 will approach the Earth on the minimum distance. It will happen on October 25. Its diameter is 440 to 990 meters, so it is classified as potentially dangerous.

Should I worry? Writes cnet.com referring to comments by experts, the threat of collision is not. The minimum distance of the asteroid to Earth orbit would then be 6.2 million kilometers. It is 16 times greater than the distance from our planet to the moon.

The speed of the asteroid is 11.2 km /sec. Next time 1998 HL1 gets closer to Earth, 2 051 year. But in this case, the chance of collision with Earth is minimal.

When will fly? In 1998 HL1 gets closer to Earth, 25 October at 20:00 Kyiv time. For an asteroid can be watched online at the link virtualtelescope.eu.

By the way, NASA signed a contract with a private missile company SpaceX to launch the DART. This device must destroy potentially dangerous for the Earth asteroids. In October 2022 machine DART will face 170-meter asteroid at a distance of several million kilometers from Earth.

What is an asteroid?This is a solid celestial body, the diameter of which does not exceed 1000 km, and orbits in the Solar system. Now has more than 575 thousand asteroids, but their total mass is less than one percent the mass of Earth.

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