Flight of the Falcon 9 brought Ukraine to the emergence of the private astronaut – expert

Полет Falcon 9 приблизил Украину к появлению собственного астронавта, – эксперт

Полет Falcon 9 приблизил Украину к появлению собственного астронавта, – эксперт

It’s been over a month since the successful launch of the rocket Falcon 9 into space. And at the end of June, another such orbiting GPS satellite of the new generation. It will become part of the system, which will replace the outdated equipment.

While Elon Musk is preparing for the next flight of his ship, the Chairman of the Council of young employees of the space industry of Ukraine Stanislav Tsygichko told channel 24 on the participation of Ukrainians in the missions of NASA, the impact on the “Roscosmos” and the prospects of our development.

To American astronauts flew over the Earth native USA, but did not use Russian, was at least one good reason: the launch into space of one man Russia wanted almost $ 90 million. Meanwhile, Musk has offered the flight is almost half the price.

“It is a blow to the Russian space Agency, I don’t know how they will survive without that money. Despite the fact that in this amount include the preparation and start of the whole of a Soyuz carrier rockets, which fly American astronauts. As we know, the next mission of the Russian Federation will be held in autumn, it is planned the participation of American astronaut. And it may happen, that the Americans generally will not pay for this flight,” suggests the engineer.

Help Ukrainians

While Roskosmos hopes on the mercy of America, the Ukrainians are involved in NASA missions. In particular, this involved a resident of Zhytomyr Alexey Pahunov, who was one of several hundred programmers, a Ukrainian writer of the Buryat-Mongolian origin Andrey Vasilyev (Dorji Batu).

“They are now citizens of the United States, because one of the requirements of the work at SpaceX in any capacity has American citizenship. After it became known that Alexey and Dorji participated in the launch of Crew Dragon, many are proud of them, but there were those who said: “Went there, and Ukraine has left”. I think if there is nowhere to go and nothing to do, it is unlikely to approach the space. I also visit the United States. Together with the team we launch into orbit cargo ship “Antares”. First we prepare the basic design of the first degree, followed by her transport to America and our engineers mounted the engine. Also tested the system, it is rather a nervous piece of work. After a successful “dress rehearsal” delivered to the ISS food for astronauts, microscopes, 3D printers. Remember how two years ago we went to one of the astronauts said that “signus” and “Antares” is the best pizza delivery” – says Stanislav Tsygichko.

What about the Ukrainian developments?

Over the 30 years of its existence, the state enterprise “Ukrkosmos”, unfortunately, did not create successful projects. So now a new team of the national space Agency focuses on those developments that are promising. They decided to inventory the Ukrainian-Brazilian Cyclone (it includes the carrier rocket “Cyclone-4” and ground for the preparation and running) and Sea launch (international consortium to create a floating spaceport to launch rockets from the equator). About a week ago, said the head of the national space Agency Vladimir Usov in an interview with the “Economic truth”.

Recently in one interview, the Executive Director of SpaceX Elon Musk named the rocket “Zenit” best in the world. Of course, after their.

“This is a good development of Ukrainian engineers, but at the first stage we use Russian engines, and it proves once again that you can’t create such a media. But technologically, it is really similar to the Falcon, even better. Lose the “Zenith”, in particular, the weight of media and materials , because the Mask has a monopoly on the material from which he makes his missiles,” – says the Chairman of the Council of young employees of the space industry of Ukraine Stanislav Tsygichko.

He also adds that the majority of Ukrainian enterprises in space-related, work with private orders but not state: “We find it difficult to rely on assistance from the state, it was not long ago. I think that now we must establish the actual space program, which can include not only the needs of the private sector, but also the state. Because often it is the reason that young researchers looking for work in other areas.”

Rocket Mask – like space of a minibus

Perhaps the news about the launches of ships Elon musk we each time will be easier. In fact, according to the plans of conquering the cosmos, we can understand that “visits” become more frequent there will, therefore, become almost commonplace.

“The next Crew Dragon launch planned for the end of August this year. Regarding the exploration of the moon and Mars, which are in the future, Ilona, in my opinion, need to focus on first. Light, which we see every night will be a kind of hub where we placed the base of the settlement, extracted minerals would be there, would be run by our media, and continue flying. One of the concepts of space exploration in it. And regarding the “red planet”, about it to speak still early, the astronauts do not have a reliable insulation systems that would protect them from solar radiation,” says the engineer.

Nevertheless, the rapid development of the space is a welcome for us:

“The flight of the Falcon-9 brought Ukraine to the emergence of his astronaut, the possibility of having it become more. And for those who want to feel what it’s like to be in outer space, to develop tourism. Of course, those who will not fly on the International space station, and up to 200 kilometers up. But that is an extraterrestrial space. But before this trip must be prepared. In particular, get ready to be in an enclosed space. Try to turn off the light in your room was dark, but not penetrate into any sounds from outside. About such feelings for the ship. I know that in Massovoi missile has 7 seats. Accordingly, the more people inside, the cheaper will probably be a part of this journey. Even now missiles Ilona, flying into space, like the bus: he’s doing 20 launches per year with several launch pads. It’s cool!”

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