Flooding in the West: the Prosecutor’s office opened a case on deforestation

Наводнение на западе: прокуратура открыла дело о вырубке леса

Currently, Prime investigative actions

The Prosecutor’s office started criminal proceedings on the facts of mass destruction of the vegetable world, which probably led to a natural disaster on the territory of Ivano-Frankivsk and other regions. Currently, Prime investigative actions.

So, it is established that in June of this year in the Carpathian mountains fell overtime the amount of precipitation, resulting in three people died. Also were flooded more than 10 thousand homes, destroyed 150 km of roads and 90 bridges damaged 586 roads and 169 bridges, destroyed 4146 meters of shore.

“Their emergence was probably possible as a result of mass destruction of flora, deforestation, improper implementation of forest management activities and failure activities for the protection of the environment officials”, – stated in the message.

It was also reported that floods in the West, the government allocated 700 million.

Наводнение на западе: прокуратура открыла дело о вырубке леса

The government