Floods caused Bukovina damage a billion hryvnia

Паводки нанесли Буковине ущерб на миллиард гривен

According to preliminary estimates, the storm caused damage to the Chernivtsi region of 1 billion 50 million. This was stated by Deputy head of the Chernivtsi regional state administration Alexey Boyko, reports UKRINFORM on Friday, June 26.

“Estimates of the damage continue. Because all the water gone and not yet fully established losses in population. But according to preliminary data, already computed, the losses from the floods amount to 1 billion 50 million hryvnia,” – said Boyko.

This amount took into account the damaged and destroyed bridges, dams, roads of local and state significance and preliminary data of losses for the local population.

More than others suffered from bad weather, human settlements and infrastructure in Putila, Vyzhnytsky and Kitsmanskiy districts.

“Practice shows that even when the level of the river comes in, water goes out and destroys infrastructure. Therefore, the amount of damage could increase,” – said Boyko.

Now, representatives of local authorities carried out podvorovoy bypass and form lists of people who will be paid compensation for the damage caused by element damage. State administration officials promised in the shortest terms to start to pay people money.

We will remind that earlier on liquidation of consequences of flooding has allocated 750 million money from the state budget will be directed to Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Transcarpathian and Lviv region.

It was also reported that Ukravtodor has estimated the losses due to floods in the hundreds of millions. In consequence of the floods in the Western regions of Ukraine has significantly affected the road surface, but now you can drive on the roads of hostmachine without restrictions.