“Florence,” loose, but formidable

"Флоренс" ослаб, но грозен

The number of victims of hurricane “Florence”, collapsed on Friday on the East coast of the US rose to 7. About 1 million homes and businesses were without power, canceled nearly 1.5 thousand flights.

Despite the fact that Saturday is the “Florence” weakened to a tropical storm, the resulting floods and the continuing threat of new floods further complicate the task of the authorities North and South Carolina. To help them sent about 10 thousand American soldiers and volunteers. According to forecasts, as strong winds pushed this number of trees over the past 60 years have not seen.

In the disaster area in North Carolina, where on 7 September declared a state of emergency, turned out to be about 500 thousand people. In new Bern, many streets turned into canals – came from the banks of the river Trent and the news, the water in the city has risen by half a meter.

Roy Cooper, the North Carolina Governor warns citizens:

“The threat of flooding caused by the hurricane is now even higher than at the time of first impact of the disaster just a day ago. On the coast of the river break their banks and torrents of water flooded farms and farmland, our homes and cities. Many people are now in much greater danger and I’m not exaggerating. Floods will be more, the water will rise, and if you do not remain vigilant, do not accept measures, it could cost you your life.”

Tens of thousands of people evacuated from dangerous areas. The remaining power is recommended to climb on the roofs of houses or on the hill. Rescuers bypass the house behind the house, bringing those who can’t get out myself.

According to preliminary estimates, the damage caused by hurricane “Florence,” will reach $ 27 billion.

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