Florida has overtaken new York in the number of infected COVID-19

Флорида опередила Нью-Йорк по количеству инфицированных COVID-19

In July, the average in Florida record of more than 10 thousand new cases daily.

On Sunday, Florida became the second state after California in USA which surpassed new York in the number of infections with coronavirus.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, the total number of infections in Florida reached 423855, in the first place remains California with 448495 infected, the third new York, which recorded 415827 cases of infection, reports “Voice of America”.

However, new York remains in first place among all the state in the number of deaths from coronavirus infection – more than 32 thousand people.

In July, the average in Florida record of more than 10 thousand new cases daily. CA reported a daily average increase to 8300. The spread of the disease in new York slowed down, they registered an average of 700 new cases a day.

Despite the bad trend, the Governor of Florida Republican Ron DeSantis has repeatedly stated that he will not make the wearing of masks compulsory, and that schools must open for teaching classes in August. New York on the contrary pursued a policy of compulsory wearing of masks, restaurants and non-food shops remain closed.

Next after Florida in the number of patients with coronavirus – Texas. The state Governor, Greg Abbott said that the hurricane of the first category Anna, which hit the southern coast of the state on Saturday, is a particular challenge because it struck the state, which suffered the most from the coronavirus.

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