Flying car

Летающий автомобиль

Elena Karaeva

This vehicle has all chances to become a new “toy” for those who have a solid Bank account and have a love of adventure. The new system was demonstrated at the last Farnborough air show in English. She seemed to be created for those who want one day to feel like James bond. A car that can including and fly. Or rather, car-buggy, which has a propeller, helping to rise into the air.

Explains managing Director of Paraje Tom Prideaux-Brune: “And the fire does not burn and does not sink in water. And on the road good, and as the SUV too. This is the car behind the wheel where you can experience the most vivid sensations and you can even go sailing, then the wheel turn into the wheel”.

Called vehicle SkyQuad, it was conceived as a buggy, and then the engineers of the company Parajet, he suggested another option. And here’s what they came up with.

“To rise into the air, you’ll need to stop the buggy to get out of it and switch the transmission. Then those who are familiar with the gliding, procedure know. Of course, this option is for those who knows how to float in the air and who are not afraid of heights, it requires a different set of skills that ordinary driving of the car,” concluded Tom Prideaux-Brune .

The developers indicate that SkyQuad can be used not only for leisure, but also in the military, in search and rescue operations, they are confident that their new items is a good future in different spheres of the economy.

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