Focus: Pseudopatient wartime

Focus: Псевдопрезидент военного времени

The President of the United States is more than the head of government, commander in chief of the armed forces and the chief diplomat of the country: its position represents the unity of the nation. Addressed to all eyes, when the country is under pressure. And that is what is now Donald trump for his own purposes, writes the German magazine Focus.

Even President George W. Bush, which many US citizens criticized the fact that he has not given to become President to his opponent al Gore by legal trick in Florida, found the right words and gestures to give the American public the support and hope after the attacks of 11 September 2001. “America has become after 9/11, is the war. The war on terrorism. Bush suddenly turned into a wartime President”, – said the journalist Thomas Yeager.

“Now the United States again are under pressure. This time the attack on the moral legitimacy of the political order was carried out inside. White COP for no reason killed lying handcuffed African-American”.

“Police violence is a profound problem for the US. Police culture is even more ambitious, – specifies the edition. – Only 27 days last year were spent in the United States without a man’s death from police violence. On other days killed up to nine people. Suffer from it primarily the African-American population. Black Americans are three times more likely than whites to be victims of this violence.”

“During a pandemic in the United States killed more than 100 thousand people. A quarter of them African Americans, which constitutes only 12% of the population”, – is spoken in article.

“Because of the economic consequences of coronaries trump can no longer join the election campaign in the role of President of the economically powerful countries. Also his attempts to position himself as a rival to China was blocked. Now he wants to play the role of a President, who promotes the law and the law against the rebels, anarchists and anti-fascists.”

“His media aides are painting the situation in the United States: leftist, subversive force attack the legitimacy of the US government, want to undermine the political order and to abolish the Constitution. Trump becomes President in wartime. Pseudopatients wartime. But the enemy lies within”.

“The role of the President trump has chosen for himself. He wants as many of his predecessors, to promote national unity in the hour of the schism. Nationalist indifferent to the nation itself. He wants to reassure, to explain and to promise that the split in society will be overcome. He deepened it even more, threatening the demonstrators with opposition, violence and prison. He doesn’t want to hear and understand, he wants to growl and compare them with the earth”.

“He wants to split, not to reconcile, to beat, not to treat. Trump – President of continuous escalation. He’s the President that American society cannot afford, even for a day longer without causing myself serious damage,” notes Yeager.

“Nevertheless, it is possible that his strategy will work. Every robbery, every fire, every escalation of violence against the police inflaming the situation and playing into his hands. That is why he calls on governors to give the police the opportunity to exacerbate the situation. Trump wants the protesters provoked. And on the other side won in a shrill voice. So it creates its own internal enemy”.

“However, as trump intends to keep the image of the internal enemy until the beginning of November, is not yet clear. If he really tries to do it, it does not promise US anything good this year. Trump has taken the USA’s claim to leadership in the international arena. Now he’s threatening to crush their moral compass,” says Focus.