Folding smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold began to break down users

Складывающийся смартфон Samsung Galaxy Fold начал ломаться у пользователей

The journalists who received the flexible smartphone from Samsung-Galaxy Fold, declare that the device is beginning to break just a few days of use.

Interestingly, initially the feedback from journalists was very positive. But later, after testing, began to appear the reviews from bloggers and journalists who report damage to the screen. This writes

As you know, Samsung Galaxy Fold has two modes. There are so-called telephone mode is a screen with a diagonal of 4.6 inches. When the device is laid out, a display with a diagonal of 7.3 inches. According to journalists, both displays stop working in just a few days of use.

What users are saying

Mark Gurman from Bloomberg showed a photo of the broken device. He had a smart phone out of order after 2 days of work. However, the journalist was removed from the device protective film. Although the company does not recommend it.

Journalists from CNBS protective film is not removed, but their smartphone broke after a few days.

Editor of the Verge, Dieter Bon also reported broken device. In this case he had another problem appeared on the screen of the bulge.

What you say to Samsung

Of course, about all the damage the journalists reported to the manufacturer. They promise to thoroughly investigate each of these cases and find out why.

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