“Folds – this is the norm”. Motorola has released a video for the clamshell RAZR (2019)

«Складки - это норма». Motorola выпустила видеоинструкцию для раскладушки RAZR (2019)

Foldable smartphones appeared on the market relatively recently, and manufacturers have to issue special instructions for the operation of such gadgets. After Samsung video dedicated to the proper care of the bent clamshell RAZR (2019), issued and Motorola.

In the published video on “proper care” for the smartphone, the company noted that the bumps and protrusions on the fold, the – normal for a folding screen. According to the manufacturer, it’s just a feature of the technology: a special mechanism of the hinge significantly increases the reliability of the whole structure.

The regulations also contain a few simple rules for the care of the gadget. So, the user is advised to avoid contact of the device with hard objects, clean the screen with a dry cloth in case of contact with a moisture, put the device in his pocket just in flexion and to use additional protective films.

The novelty has already available for pre-order at a price of $1499. Recall the unit from 6.21-inch screen and support external display diagonal of 2.7 inches got the Snapdragon processor 710, 6 GB of RAM, hard drive 128 GB and battery capacity of 2510 mAh.