Folk omens on 18 July – p day-months holiday

Народные приметы на 18 июля - Афанасьев день-месяцев праздник

On July 18 the Orthodox Church honors the memory of the Byzantine monk Athanasios the Athonite, born in Cappadocia. Year and date of birth of the Holy unknown. At baptism he received the name Abraham. Orphaned early, was placed in the care of a pious nun, and after her death taken in Constantinople to the court of Roman II, where he became a pupil of the famous rhetorician Athanasius.

Abraham was a fiery preacher and mentor youth, had a great influence on the future of the Byzantine Emperor Nicephorus II Fok. Later retired to Kyminsuu monastery, where he accepted monastic has cut with the name Athanasius. In 958 went to the North East of Greece. His entire life was engaged in the construction and arrangement of the monastery located on Mount Athos. Today, this monastery is known as the Great Lavra or Lavra of St. Athanasius. Died during fixation under the collapsed dome of the Church July 5, 1000.

18 July: traditions and customs

If Ivan Kupala (July 7) and St. Peter’s day (12 July) are considered as holidays for the sun, the Afanasiev day – holiday months.

In the evening our ancestors went outside and watched the moon. If the month is “play”, the harvest will be good. The day was considered a man’s holiday of the month. When it gets dark, the elderly were taken of young boys on the street “watch plays a month, forces men to save”. Looking for a month, people were asked to give them health, happiness and prosperity.

In this day people hold rituals on the moon. If it is in the growth stage, then read the incantations to attract love and money into your life. On the waning moon usually remove the damage and cleanse the body. The moon is full you can perform a ritual to the fulfillment of a cherished desire.

July 18: the signs of the day

This day involves a lot of beliefs and superstitions:

  • If the moon is in the sky “plays” (moved quickly, hiding behind the clouds), there will be a rich harvest.
  • Many stars in the sky for clear weather.
  • If the new moon is shining bright, in autumn is mainly dry and warm weather.
  • If it is cloudy and the stars are virtually invisible, it is expected bad weather.
  • If the moon is big and bright, the weather is Sunny. Small and pale moon – to the protracted rains.
  • To see a rainbow in the morning – the rain, the evening – to the Sunny weather.
  • If this day is a full moon, the spring tide.
  • If the month horns up, then the winter will be cold, you can also see – warm.
  • If the yellow clouds or the clouds coming from the southwest, it will rain.
  • Day is successful for combating butterfly-a cabbage white. Simple and accessible folk remedy to help get rid of these pests, is baking soda, which is sprinkled with cabbage leaves.

People born on July 18, protects month. As a mascot, they should wear alexandrite. This exotic mineral helps get rid of depression, relieves fatigue, gives peace and tranquility.

photo from open sources