Folk omens on 28 may – Warm Groin, Groin-bokora, Pakhomov day

Народные приметы на 28 мая - Пахом Теплый, Пахом-бокогрей, Пахомов день

On signs on may 28, if the day is warm, and the summer will appreciate the warmth. In the folk calendar date called Warm Groin, Groin-bokora, Pakhomov day. The day got its name in honor of two saints Pakhomiev, whom the Church remembers on may 28.

St. Pachomius the Great had founded monasticism in Egypt, and was one of the pillars of life. Originally the Saint was a pagan priest of the God Serapis, a soldier joined the army of Constantine the Great. During the hostilities in the year 312, his unit met Christians that preserve neutrality. It was then that Pachomius introduced to Christianity and gradually became inclined to the religion. At the end of hostilities he was baptized, founded the first Christian monastery and for it made by monastic Charter. Died may 9 348 year.

The monk Pakhomii of Nerekhtsk first Abbot of the monastery of Constantine, which was in the city of Vladimir. Saint was born in the family of a priest in Vladimir. At the age of seven years, he was sent to study the sacred books in a short time the boy began to make haste to the temple of God. Before taking his vows as a monk, bore the name of Jacob. At the age of twelve years lost his father and mother’s blessing went to the Bogoroditse-Rozhdestvensky monastery, located near Vladimir.

In 21 years of age Jacob became a monk and took the name in honor of Pachomius Pachomius the Great. After a time, was ordained to the diaconate, then the priesthood, and in 1365 appointed the first abbots of the monastery resumed Constantine. Later St. Pachomius departed into a solitary place near Nerekhta, where he erected Trinity Church. He died at an advanced age on March 23, 1384.

6 may 1675 relics of St. Pachomius, was discovered incorrupt, but left under a bushel. Thanks to the many miracles taking place around them, honoring the monk quickly spread in the County. In the Trinity Cathedral staged a stone tomb over the relics. Today the relics of St. Pachomius – an important Shrine of the updated Trinity of the temple that attracts numerous pilgrims.

28 may: traditions and customs of the day

  • Almost everywhere from this day on a warm, summer weather.
  • The old man Groin smells like warmth.
  • Came Pahom – smell of warm.

For Pachomius, sowing is in full swing. Begin to sow flax, and late oats and wheat: “Groin bokora – dossevi wheat soon”. Notice that the sun this day very warm and gives rise to crops: “Groin oats put into growth.”

Were planting cucumbers.

Pahom begins – Levon (5 June) completes the planting of cucumbers.

May 28: signs and beliefs

  1. Scarlet sunrise – to the terrible fire fly.
  2. All day heat in the summer will be warm.
  3. Juniper bloomed – it’s time to sow the barley.
  4. Barley sowing until flowering viburnum.
  5. Abundant catkins on the aspen – to harvest oats.
  6. The sleep of 27 to 28 may you can’t tell anyone, it will come true at the twenty-fourth day. A dream seen by day 28 of may, not dangerous, but it is also better not to tell anyone.

People born on may 28, gentle and kind, are drawn to them by others. Them onyx.

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