Folk omens on 30 July – Marina with Lazarus, Marinin day

Народные приметы на 30 июля - Марина с Лазарем, Маринин день

On 30 July the Orthodox Church honors the memory of the great Martyr Marina of Antioch, who became a victim of the persecution of Christians under the Emperor Diocletian. She had come from Antioch. Her father was a pagan priest. She professed herself a Christian, after which she was forced to renounce his faith and sacrifice to idols. After refusing to do it, she was imprisoned and later beheaded.

Saint Marina was a daughter of the Lord of the sea. The girl was tired of living in cold deep water, and she escaped to earth. For this act her father was angry and is still trying to catch a wayward fugitive and shot flaming arrows.

30 July revered the memory of Lazarus Galician Christian ascetic and Stylite, who was born in the city of Magnesia. In the monastery of St. Sava, he took monastic vows. Ten years, educated and God-loving young man spent in the monastery. The Jerusalem Patriarch was ordained to the priesthood, after which he returned Home and settled on the mountain of Galicia. Here he built a temple in the name of Christ’s Resurrection and took the feat of pillar-dwelling. Soon to the ascetic monks began to flock. So there was a monastery.

Lazarus received from the Lord the revelation of the imminent demise, said of the brethren. Plaintive prayer of the monks, God extended the life of St. for another 15 years. Lazarus died in the year 1053, at the age of 72 years. His body was buried in the pillar on which he made monastic exploits.

July 30: traditions and customs

This date in the national calendar was named as such: Marina, Marina with Lazarus, Marina day, Marina azure, Lasermike.

On this day are often thunderstorms. Our ancestors believed that a storm on 30 July are particularly hazardous. To look at them because you can go blind. In addition, lightning gleams – the harbingers of the fires.

The people of Agia Marina was associated with the sea, and Lazarus – with flashes of lightning in the storm sky. Hence the name of the day – Marina Lazareva. About this day, said: “the Marina with Lazarus blue light at dusk. Or azure flower petals dissolved, or the distant flashes illuminate the sky”.

July 30, on the tables of our ancestors were required to present the dishes of fish.

July 30: the signs of the day

  1. What is the weather July 30 – this will be the first half of autumn.
  2. The bright stars in the sky to fire.
  3. Gulls sit on the water to Sunny and clear days.
  4. If the day is rainy, and the sky white clouds, the weather will change.
  5. Lizards not seen many dragonflies near the water – by a rain.
  6. Insects behave restlessly to the heavy rain and strong thunderstorms.
  7. If the sky gleams of lightning, the fire to happen.
  8. The day was hot and dry – the winter is cold and snowy.
  9. If the penultimate day of July was hot, and the night grew colder, the next day will be clear and Sunny.
  10. Sleep of 29 to 30 July will be in about a month. Especially the probability of its implementation for the birthday day. A dream seen by day, 30 July, prophetic, but it will come true soon.

A man, born 30 July, was given power over lightning. It may take enmity between people, and to reconcile quarreling friends. As a mascot he should wear one of Jasper.

photo from open sources