Folk omens on August 1 – Makinen of Mokriny

Народные приметы на 1 августа - Макринин день, Мокрины

August 1, the Orthodox Church honors the memory of the monk Macrina, who was the sister of STS Gregory of Nyssa and Basil the Great. Born in Cappadocia in the year 324. Her mother appeared in a dream an angel, who asked him to name the baby Thekla that the woman did, but relatives began to call the girl Macrina, in honor of the victim during the persecution of grandmother’s Christian. Upbringing and education of the daughter has a mother. She since the childhood have accustomed it to the prayers and Church services. Gregory of Nyssa called the sister of his mentor.

Fiance who espouse the Macrina’s parents, died suddenly. Then she chose a life of virginity, refused marriage and became a monk. The Saint was granted the gift of wonderworking, to the last breath prayed to God. Macrina died in the year 380, buried in the same grave with their parents.

August 1: traditions and customs

On Macrina, usually starts in the early fall of the leaves, the birds in the forest fall silent, and gadflies disappear. The peasants went to the forest for mushrooms, did the cleaning of the oats. The field work ended, so they were all busy harvesting.

The main content of the day was the topic of the rains and how they affect or may affect the crop. Mid July and beginning of August and summer thunderstorms. Rain, storms with strong winds and lightning are dangerous for dautrevaux, matured or collected in stacks of bread, and also for drying in the meadows or harvested in rolls of hay. In addition, Macrina (Mokrida) – the eve of the day of remembrance of the prophet Elijah, the most storm days in a year. And by the name of the patron Saint of this day has been damp, rainy and precipitation. The name of the monk Macrina, in Greek means “dry”, but our ancestors put into it the opposite meaning, and connected with the word “wet”.

If the summer was dry and the day is clear, you conducted the ceremony “Mokrin”, to bring rain. The main figure was a woman, born August 1, which performs the role of Mokriny. She was dressed in a blue sundress, wore a red beaded necklace and sat at the window waiting for the village women who brought her the ears of corn from their fields. These spikes Mokrin collected in a bundle, which was wrapped with a towel.

When the house gathered all the village women, dressed in white spodnie shirt, and a visit from the local healer-witch, Mokrin went outside, taking with him a sheaf. The sheaves were carried to the river, where he was thrown into the water and began to drown the ears that need to sink before you float away with the tide. Mokrin and other women were loudly hitting the water, causing rain. Men in this day, on the river did not go because, as legend has it, if the ceremony peeped man, it will bring misfortune on the whole village.

If 1 Aug was rain, then dead Mokrin sat all day at home. Because if she go outside, the rain flooded the whole earth and there will be crop failure.

August 1: the signs of the day

For the weather of the day was tried, what will be autumn (fall Mokridi equip, and Anna (August 7) – winter):

  • if since morning it is raining, then the autumn will be wet, and the Strada rainy;
  • if the rain started in the afternoon, something good will sowing of winter crops;
  • if the dry weather behind the window, the drought will last another six weeks.

Also for the weather of the first days of August determined the harvest:

  • if warm and dry, the harvest will be excellent;
  • rain, strong wind, cold – to crop failures, famine, disease.

There were other signs associated with this date:

  1. Rain on the Macrinus – next year will be a good harvest.
  2. Fluff flew aspen – aspen it’s time to collect.
  3. The many oak acorns, fortunately.
  4. If the leaves on the trees have started to turn yellow from the bottom, the sowing of winter will be good.
  5. A warm, Sunny day – to a long “Indian summer”.
  6. The rains – for the poverty and crop failure.
  7. If passed mushroom rain, the nuts would grow well.
  8. This day is better not to eat apples, otherwise you will bring upon yourself minor troubles. People tried not to run into the house gadflies. This was believed to be dead.
  9. If the rising of the sun from behind the clouds not visible, then for dinner it will be fine.
  10. A month in the fog – to-rain.
  11. The wind blows towards the storm.
  12. If web in many forest, autumn will be warm.
  13. Spiders hide in the corners to the cold.
  14. If in the morning the ants are hiding, it will rain.
  15. Starfall for Macrinus to windy weather.
  16. Gadflies on this day last bite. Soon they will disappear and will only appear next year.
  17. A dream from July 31 to August 1, bodes well. A dream seen by day August 1 will be fulfilled in the near future.

A person born on August 1 impresses many with its internal magnetism. He is a determined, hardworking and always committed to victory. As the mascot is the chalcedony. According to legend, a woman born on this day, is able to cause rain.