Folk omens on August 15 – Stepan-barn, Stepanov day

Народные приметы на 15 августа - Степан-сеновал, Степанов день

August 15, the Orthodox Church honors the memory of the first Martyr Stephen. He was the first Christian Martyr, came from Diaspora Jews. Stephen, along with six fellow apostles did deacons to maintain justice and order in the daily distribution needs. Elected deacons after the disturbances of the inequitable distributions that arose among Christians-Jews coming from the Diaspora to Jerusalem and spoke the Greek language. Stefan himself bore a Greek name and most likely also came from the Diaspora.

Stefan not only fulfilled the duties assigned to it, but preached the word of God in Jerusalem, and was brought to trial and stoned.

August 15: the traditions and customs of the day

The people of Saint Stephen is the patron Saint of horses, so he prayed for health and protection of these animals. To them in the day Stepanov was treated with special respect. Below horses remained strong, hardy and healthy, they are watered from a bucket, which threw a silver coin. In some places instead of a bucket of water was poured into his own cap. Sometimes the water was passed through a silver sieve. In Stepanov day to work the horses were not taken. They were fed, washed, weave them in the tail and mane ribbons.

The peasants celebrated the end of hay time. For this reason feast. In the field August 15 not out. To prepared hay to protect from the rain, it hid in the hay-barns. It was decided to mow the aftermath – the grass regrown.

On this day the whole family went to the field picking herbs to weave “Stepanov wreath”. For its production took twelve herbs: God’s tears, clover, mint, tansy, wormwood, chamomile and others. Another wreath was called “the sun mariami”. He was brought home and hung in the red corner under the icons. Believed that it possesses healing and protective power, helps protect your household from colds in the cold season. If the house was trouble or illness, the hostess tore the wreath from the herbs and brewed them. It was believed that the power of the wreath is preserved until the next spring.

August 15: superstitions

  1. What is the weather like on this day, and this September will be.
  2. Rain on Stepan promises a rich harvest of potatoes and promises no fires in the coming months.
  3. If North-East wind blows, the grain harvest will be poor.
  4. What is the morning weather, this will be for 6 weeks.
  5. The new moon on this day, for wet weather, waxing moon to dry.
  6. Spiders weave a neat little web – to rain.
  7. If the cats scratch the walls with their claws, then approaching bad weather. Yet this behavior Mouser promises of good fishermen. Biting this day.
  8. To hear the whistle of a Chipmunk to a Sunny and windless day.
  9. Frogs loudly croaking to the rain. If you croak abruptly ceased, in the morning can be freezing.

People born on August 15, is a noble, generous and honest. To be friends with them is a pleasure. As the mascot suits them serpentine and beryl.