Folk omens on August 8 – yermolai, Moses, Paraskeva, Ermolaev day, Mariev day

Народные приметы на 8 августа - Ермолай, Моисей, Параскева, Ермолаев день, Марьев день

On 8 August the Orthodox Church honors the memory of Hermolaus Nikomachische – early Christian Martyr, the victim with Hermokrates and Hermippos in Nicomedia in the year 305.

Yermolai was a presbyter, and Hermippos and hermokrates – clergy in Nicomedia. In the year 305, during the persecution of Christians, they hid in a private house, where he continued to preach to the Gentiles. Among the converts was the future Martyr Panteleimon, who was soon arrested. Panteleimon confessed himself a Christian and said the name of his mentor, Ermolai, and the place where he lives. Hermolaos, Hermippos and hermokrates were arrested. On the court, they declared themselves Christians, for which he was beheaded.

In this day, is revered the memory of the monk of Kiev-Pechersk monastery Moses Uhryniv, revered in the face of the monk. Moses was a Hungarian by birth, was born in Transylvania. In his younger years with his brother served the Prince Boris. After the assassination of the Prince in 1015 Moses was hiding from his sister.

In 1018, during the capture of Kiev by the Polish king Boleslaw, the guy got captured and was given to Poland. Young Moses was redeemed by a noble widow-polka, which later tried to seduce him. She publicly declared him her husband. Court widow tried to persuade the boy to obey her, but Moses was impregnable. Many times he refused the widow and secretly took monastic vows. Soon, the woman found out about it and asked for the Council to king Boleslav. The king tried to persuade the youth to marry, but he refused to do, said the widow to do in its sole discretion.

The woman again tried to seduce Moses, but received another refusal, ordered him castrate. For the sake of it, Boleslav sent monks, but he raised a rebellion and Moses was able to escape. He returned to Kiev and began to live in the monastery of St Anthony, where he lived for about 10 years. The Saint died in 1043.

Prayers Moses Ugrina help to get rid of the passions.

8 August – the day of memory of Martyr Paraskeva the Roman, only daughter of Christian parents, given to them by God, at their fervent prayer. From her youth she devoted herself to God. After his parents died all his possessions distributed to the poor, became a monk and began to preach to the Gentiles the Christian faith. Paraskeva many could convert to Christianity, but one day came to the city where the ruler was a cruel pagan. The girl has denied the faith, he promised her wealth and honors, was threatened with torture and death, but the Holy virgin was adamant. After the brutal tortures she was beheaded. The people of Saint Paraskeva was considered the patron of beggars and fools.

August 8: the customs and traditions of the day

It was believed that on this day, herbs are the autumn blaze, giving plants the healing power. In the morning the leaves cool Rosana fills, dust bathes, and at noon in the herbs healing power is born. After lunch, the medicine men were sent to gather medicinal herbs.

By this time the harvest was coming to an end. As quickly as possible you need to collect the remaining crops. Those who don’t have time to do it gratuitously helped the whole peasant community.

Often this is issued the day was Sunny and warm. Therefore, there are no obstacles for work in the field or in the garden. While the apples are ripe, the Apple Savior (August 19) to eat them is impossible. Housewives during this period shared of apples for winter harvesting – cooked jams and compotes. Produced from overripe fruit cider, cordials and liqueurs. By this time, was ripe potatoes with herring or beef served to the table.

Women in this day forbidden to go out in the field, as well as to sew and knit. According to legend, the girl who has taken on 8 August at the hands of a needle, will be unhappy in marriage.

Was considered a good sign if the day the cat rubbing against the legs of the mistress, give to pet. It promises wealth and prosperity.

August 8: superstitions

  1. The flies are biting or frogs along the shore jump – to rain.
  2. To avoid back pain is to harvest some rye spikelets to plug in his belt.
  3. To provide themselves with health and strength on the eve of the harvest should be at the wrist to tie a red woolen thread.
  4. The cat lay down next to wealth and fortune.
  5. A sleep of 7 to 8 August, most likely empty.

People born on August 8, a severe and silent. As a talisman agate is suitable for them.