Folk omens on July 25 – Proclus-mourner, Proclus-the great dew, Proklos day

Народные приметы на 25 июля - Прокл-плакальщик, Прокл-великие росы, Проклов день

July 25 the Orthodox Church honors the memory of Proclus and Hilary, born in the village of Kalipta near Ancyra. The Holy martyrs suffered for the faith during the persecutions organized by the Emperor Trayan.

The first took custody of Proclus. He appeared before the ruler of Maxim and fearlessly professed his faith. The Governor tried to force Christians to renounce their faith and offer sacrifice to the pagan gods, but he did not. The Martyr was tied to a chariot in which the ruler went to Calipt. Proclus was exhausted in the way, all the way he prayed that the Lord would halt the chariot. Soon she actually stopped and nothing could shift it. The furious ruler of a cruel revenge for it is Holy. Proclus was long tortured, and then ordered to withdraw beyond the city, tied to a post and shot with bows and arrows. The soldiers who were supposed to do, tried to persuade the Saint to surrender and thereby save his life, but he was steadfast.

On the way to the place of execution Proclus was met by his nephew, Hilary. He with tears in his eyes embraced the Martyr and also confessed himself a Christian. For recognition, the Hilary was arrested and thrown in jail. Proclus died under a hail of arrows, praying for his tormentors. Ilaria tortured and forced to renounce his faith, but he showed the same strength as his uncle. For this he tied the hands and feet dragged through the city, and then beheaded. It happened three days after the death of Proclus. Christians buried their martyrs in one grave.

July 25: the traditions and customs of the day

In the calendar of the Slavs this date received the name of Proklos day, Proclus-mourner, Proclus – the great dew, Proclus and Hilary. The people said: “On Proclus from field of dew soaked”. To this day trying to dry hay, because of the abundant growing up, it was beginning to rot.

Our ancestors believed that the dew on this day have healing properties. They were collected using linen fabrics that are laid on the grass, and then squeezed in an earthen vessel. It is believed that dew and rainwater are collected before sunrise, will help to remove the evil eye and to get rid of eye diseases. Girls washed their face with dew, believing that this will give them youth and beauty.

Dew collected on Proclus and Hilary, wiped children and feeding mothers, to undergone childbirth. It is believed that giving birth is better to go with Rosa on this day. Dew gathered linen sheets that were spread out on the meadows, and then squeezed in an earthen vessel. The people seen in the dew miraculous image of poludeli of politicy, nestles to the earth and longing for earthly life.

Healers on this day, collecting herbs, based on which it prepared the drugs used in folk medicine.

July 25: the signs of the day

For the weather, standing on 25 July, judged, what will be the autumn. If the day is Sunny, the Golden season is warm. If there is rain, the autumn will be rainy. If the day is cool summer was, the winter will be early and severe.

There are also other signs associated with this day:

  1. Mushrooms appeared in the forest to the cold.
  2. If there is no dew, and in the lowlands of the mist is not visible, it will be bad weather.
  3. Night dew not dried out – to the rain.
  4. A lot of dew this day in the fields – to a happy and productive year.
  5. Bees buzz loudly – to the heat.
  6. The leaves on the trees turned yellow to early autumn.

Man, born July 25, will live a long and stable life without much turmoil. As a mascot he should wear a beryl.