Folk omens on June 26 – Akulina-Grechishkina, Akulina, black buckwheat, delay tails

Народные приметы на 26 июня - Акулина-гречишница, Акулина - черные гречихи, задери хвосты

In the folk calendar June 26 – Akulina-Grechishkina, Akulina, black buckwheat, Akulina – delay tails. According to national signs, this day and until mid-July cattle from the heat and horseflies frantic. Orthodox Church June 26, recalls the Martyr Akilina Older (281-293), who lived in the III century in the city of Byblos (Phoenicia). When she was two years old, she lost her father. Was raised by the girl mother. In 284 year came to power, the Emperor Diocletian, which began the great persecution.

Akilina since childhood to believe in Christ and his fiery conversations, some people could turn away from idolatry. When she was twelve years old, one of the slaves head was listening to her sermon about the crucified God and said to his master. The damsel grabbed and demanded to renounce the faith. But even torture is not made Akilina to do it. By order of the ruler she was beheaded.

June 26: the traditions and customs of the day

The Martyress Aquilino called Akulina-gradesnica. She was considered the patron and ally of the buckwheat harvest. It was assumed that from that day here comes the summer, appear gadflies and mosquitoes. On this account there is a saying: “let’s Go to the forest – mosquitoes are gonna freak”. From insect bites affects not only people but also domestic animals. Cow, to escape from the horseflies, mosquitoes and flies run away from the herd back to the settlement where I was hiding under the eaves, in the shade fanning themselves with their tails. This behavior of cattle called “bisa”. This is how he got this day in the national calendar another name – Akulina-delay tails.

Gadflies looking at our ancestors wondered about the harvest:

  • major gadfly, the spike will be large;
  • small – a small spike would grow.

From blood-sucking insects to protect the cattle were pastured in the pasture only early in the morning, at dawn, and the day in the barn kept. Milk collected on the day of Akulina, was considered harmful to health

According to popular belief, the Holy Akulina protects the buckwheat – one of the most common grain crops: “This crap or the week before Akulina, or a week after.”

According to legend, a young and beautiful Princess Krupnick was captured by the Tatars. In desperation, she appealed to the local witch and asked me to turn her in a small grain, to avoid shame and escape from captivity. The witch took pity on the girl and turned her into a buckwheat grain, which was dumped in the open field. From this seed grew an unusual spike, grain from which flew across the earth. So there was buckwheat, which was very respectful to the people: “our Mother – buckwheat is not pepper couple: burst abdomen”.

In the popular view, buckwheat is a symbol of wealth and abundance. Buckwheat is often perceived as a ritual dish. In case of sowing of winter crops guys with buckwheat met on the field of zazevalsya. When finished, the porridge was eaten with the whole family. Women brought home or to the boyar court first oat sheaf, made on the first day of mowing oats, too, were treated porridge of buckwheat. Pies with buckwheat bake for grooms, kicking out at the beginning of may the horses at night.

On 26 June we celebrated the feast of cereals. Beams broken in a field of buckwheat were decorated with icons in the house. The peasants in this day trying not to work, not to displease the Saint, otherwise there will be a good harvest. From that and called it the day of the curves of cucumbers: planting at this time will not bring green and juicy cucumbers.

The main dish on the festive table was a mess of last year’s buckwheat. Called it “worldly” and gave to the poor and needy. To treat converged beggars, Wanderers and cripples from all sides. After a hearty meal, guests sweet words thanked the hosts and promised to pray for them.

June 26: signs and beliefs

  1. Midges circles have been – to good weather.
  2. The morning bees for prey went – it’s a nice day.
  3. During sunset spider on its web sits – to the dry weather.
  4. Wind gusts blowing to calm weather.
  5. If at sunrise in the fog – the day will be hot and stuffy.
  6. In the morning or in the afternoon rainbow on the West side of the sky appeared to wind weather.
  7. Sleep with 25 to 26 June prophetic, but not dangerous. A dream, seen the afternoon of June 26, turn.

People born on June 26, like to get up early. As a mascot, they should wear diamond.

Source: vsyamagik